Great People, Great Animals!


The Great British Farm Project describe themselves as ‘ a small farm with big ideas’, and boy do they have some fantastic ideas!

They’re working with admirable dedication to help the animals of Britain.. rescuing from certain death and cruel slaughter, and operating a no-slaughter policy on their farm. They are raising awareness, teaching children and providing love and care to hundreds of animals – and all this on a very limited budget… they receive absolutely no funding and rely completely on donations.

It was only recently I found out about this wonderful project, through a local vegetable box delivery service, Farmaround. They were trying to get 1000 supporters to donate just £1 a month to help look after the animals, as working a day job and on the farm is proving exhausting!

Myself and my husband were keen to join up… and asked our friends to do the same.. £1 a month isn’t a lot.   I was nearly brought to tears reading about some lovely goats who they rescued… they were due to have their throats cut simply because they were no longer needed for a ‘project’…


Just to add to the list of wonderful things that the Great British Farm Project are doing, they are also campaigning actively against live exports and boycotting brands which use animal testing. A project very close to my heart and one which I want to see succeed!

If you want to find out more, or become a member of the 1000 club…

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