Let’s have a day, and call it… it’s name!

I’ve been meaning to write a post expressing my dislike of the mundane naming of days (mostly in relation to commercial nonsense), but one day last week, watching the news really got to me. Apparently, we now have an ‘International Cardboard Day’. I mean, honestly, I admit, cardboard is great. It’s a fantastic product and there’s so much that we do with it, but does it really deserve it’s own day? I suspect, much like National Vodka Day (4th October) and National Taco Day (which is also 4th October – goodness me), these were invented by someone in an industry somewhere, to increase sales, and give people an excuse to eat/drink/use/purchase something, or engage in some kind of trivial, meaningless celebration! Supposedly, today is the day you’re meant to call in sick to work, en masse! Sorry if your boss is reading this blog and you’re not at work – I may have dug a little hole for you!

I must admit, I’ve fallen foul to one of these days recently. On 7th July, I ate lots of chocolate, but, and you must understand, it was only because of the fact that it was Chocolate Day! Now, I don’t usually eat chocolate, of course, but for this I have to make an exception! All joking aside, I eat chocolate whenever I please.. and I don’t feel that someone has to make a day of something for me to celebrate or enjoy it! I also completely miss the point of it being on the news! Some may say it was a distraction technique to make us ignore the fact that children are being killed for pointless wars… or that all is not right in the world… I’ll let you decide on that one!

Now… there are of course some days that are fine… Mother’s Day, Father’s Day – all perfectly good days, if you actually get your loving parent something other than a piece of tack, or a cheap card – because then you really are just buying into the commercialism of it all. That’s for another day!  I do not support the suggestion my step-daughter once made – of Daughter’s Day! As a daughter myself, I am well aware (and she was made aware with this same response) that every day is daughter’s day!

So, I have a suggestion – and it’s one that I didn’t think of entirely by myself. Some years ago, in Denmark, the Danes realised that they had far too many holiday days assigned to religious ceremonies, and they grouped them all together and created something called ‘Store Bededag’, which translates literally as ‘Great Prayer Day’. I therefore suggest that we have one day a year, instead of each and every day being assigned to a product. We would call it… Great Bullshit Day!

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