Beautiful Minerals


Several years ago, I watched a TV programme hosted by Sarah Beeny about chemicals found in make-up, cosmetics and toiletries. I was so horrified, I dumped everything I was using and went out and purchased new stuff the very next day! Yes, I do act on impulse, but only if it also feels right – and to this day, both myself and my husband are still following our chemical free lifestyle.

One of my best finds during this process, was Jade Minerals (formerly MineralsWillWork4U) who are based in County Cork, Ireland (where we were living at the time). I came across them when searching for mineral make-up (an alternative mentioned on the show).  They were well stocked with concealers, blushers, eyeshadows, loose powder, and powder foundations – everything I needed at the time. I placed a fairly large order and received a bundle of free goodies and samples, with a lovely email and note from (my now good friend) Katja Jade.

I was really impressed with everything I received and found it perfect for my skin and make-up requirements – I just want to give you a heads up from the start – mineral make-up won’t give you the kind of coverage from the foundations you can get now which make you look like a china doll, or that don’t wash off for 24 hours. They let your skin breathe and don’t clog pores, so they give a more natural look. But trust me, this is more than enough for me, and it gives me good enough coverage for spots and uneven skin tone on even the worst of days!

Before I waste any more time telling you how great Jade Minerals are, I’m going to talk about a few of my favourite products…

Mineral Light Rose Foundation


This foundation is a powder, and is very fine and lightweight. It’s great for fairly fair skin – as it says on the site, it’s great for those with English/Irish complexions. It gives a lovely, natural looking coverage and never looks orange. It’s really easy to apply with a kabuki brush and I wouldn’t dream of using anything else.

Mineral Green Cover Up


This ‘life saver in a jar’ is one of my all time must haves. It’s the first product I apply when doing my make-up, as it perfectly covers all the red spots and takes the glare and anger out of any spots. It’s wonderful for helping to even your skin tone. I then use a little of the Mineral Light Cover Up under my eyes and over some spots if they need a little extra disguise!

Aloe Vera Finish Powder


A wonderfully light, and almost refreshing powder to finish off and smooth over the concealer and foundation – it really sets it for the day and gives a nice shimmer and sheen. I’m convinced that the aloe vera is the best of the finishing powders I’ve tried – so smooth and moisturising.

I wouldn’t be doing Jade Minerals any justice if I didn’t make mention of the AMAZING Multi-Use Colours which can be used as eyeliner, eyeshadow and, depending on the shade and your level of bravery, lipgloss.  They can even be mixed with clear nail varnish!  I’ve tried loads of them (samples are great for trying out colours) but my favourite is probably this lovely lilac/purple


You can use the multi-use colours wet or dry, for different looks – they are amazing, last ages and are the most versatile of colours I’ve ever known!

I could talk for ages about these great products, but I’ve probably said enough by now – go and have a look at the website and try some of the sample options for yourself. Jade Minerals are a fun and independent brand – great products, with an ethical, caring and lovely ethos. What more could you want.


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