On… snack boxes… Scrummy Box

Over the past 6 months, I’ve become a tad obsessed with snack boxes. Now, we all love a surprise, and I’m no exception. I always love to try new foods, and things I may not have necessarily found by myself, or taken a chance on had I seen it on the shelf.  What better, then, than a box which randomly selects a variety of snacks/goodies, pops them in a box and ships them to you on a weekly/monthly basis. Once a month, at least, it’s like Christmas morning – I actually have banned my husband from opening any boxes, as it just ruins the fun for me otherwise!

I’m going to do a different blog for each box I’ve tried, otherwise my brain will explode with thoughts of food and I may be responsible for an eating frenzy amongst the lovely readers of my blog!

Now, the first box I’d like to review is the lovely Scrummy Box. They were not the first box I tried, but they were the first to send me a box to try out, as they are a new company, and looking for bloggers to try their stuff. Who am I to say no to a box full of goodies?! Exactly.

Scrummy Box offer a feast for vegans and when the day arrived, I grabbed the box from the postman and eagerly ran inside, like a child with an Easter egg, and started tearing at the box. What did I find inside?


What I found, is a giant feast of unusual foods, many of which I’d never tried before, and some I’d actual been waiting to try (Nakd Bits) – more about them in a moment or two… here’s the full list below:

Montezuma’s Chilli Mini Bar – a small bar of dark chocolate, flavoured with chilli. The chocolate was lovely, and then the chilli hit at the end of each mouthful. Great for chilli lovers, like my hubby, but not quite for me. Still, it was worth a try, and I still love the other flavours in the range!

Eat Real Chilli & Fresh Lime Quinoa Chips – made with quinoa, and gluten free, these were absolutely delish and much healthier than crisps. A definite winner in our house.

Alara Organic Rich Muesli Sample – a sample size trial of a lovely, organic muesli, which my husband got to munch, as this is one of their range which is not gluten free. Worth checking out the site if you, like me, avoid wheat, as they have a great range of free from cereals!

Lizi’s Granola Sample – a little pack of granola, just enough for one. Absolutely delish, and wheat free. Lots of good stuff, like linseeds in. Yum.

Fruit Broo – Rhubarb, Apple & Cinnamon – a natural fruit concentrate, designed to be served hot. It tastes lovely, and rather like a rich, fruity tea. Very interesting. Would be handy to throw in your handbag.

Nakd Berry Delight Fruit & Nut Bits – one of my favourite snacks, Nakd bars, have made a new version of their bar – chopped up into bits, in a handy snack bag. Fab idea – and just as yummy as the bars. Try the bar – Cocoa Delight, it’s fab and fruity!

Yogi Tea – Sweet Mint Snack Tea Sample size – I must admit to not having had chance to try this yet, although it sounds right up my street, tea wise. Mints and spices – yum… now I want one!

Florida’s Natural Fruit Juice Nuggets – I can’t seem to find a website for them, but they sell them in some supermarkets. These were the first thing to vanish from the box. My hubby is a bit of a sweet fiend and being vegan, it’s hard for him to find sweets. These were truly gorgeous and I only wish they came in a huge packet.

Chantico Organic Pure Agave Sweetener with Cinnamon – I know there are a few mixed feelings about agave, but it’s natural and it has to be healthier than sugar, so I like it! Mix it with cinnamon and make it organic and it’s my new best friend. We tried it in coffee and it’s fantastic – so much healthier than using those syrups!

Braw Blackcurrant bar – very similar to the above mentioned Nakd bars, these are fruit and nuts pressed together. They have some fab flavours, and this is no exception. YUM again and gluten free!

In summary of the box, I thought it was one of the best I’ve tried. A really great range, a great number of items and pretty much all gluten free. Having allergies and being vegan/vegetarian doesn’t mean boring – and it certainly doesn’t mean unhealthy. This stuff is packed with goodness, nutrition and natural ingredients.

I’ll definitely get a Scrummy Box again! If you want to try one, all of this only costs £10, plus P&P. I got to try mine for free, but I’d pay this without question.

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