Random Stuff I Like … Jewels to make you look and feel good!

It’s Friday afternoon, and all I really want to do is look at sparkly stuff on the internet, and hope that someone nice will buy it for me. Here are the lovely things I’ve found so far (they are all either fair trade, ethically sourced or made in Great Britain). So not only do they make you look good, but you can have a bounce in your step and feel good wearing them too.

I found some wonderful jewellery made by Amelia Parker from clay smoking pipes, and bits and pieces washed up from the Thames. I live on the doorstep of the Thames! Eeek! Now I want to go out foraging around…


And there are plenty of things for the men on this site too.. unisex bracelets, key rings, and just look at these gorgeous cuff-links…


These pipes have all been collected along the Thames, and date back as far of the 16th century, so you really can own and wear your own little piece of London history. How wonderful is that?


This stunning ring is made from up-cycled glass and cast brass metal. Shockingly enough, you can find it on Braintree Clothing … I love them, what more can I say?

If you’re looking for something even more unusual, and which is bound to be a talking point, how about these fabulous and striking Machete earrings from Believer Jewellery


I think I might have to stop, before I get tempted to spend too much money. It’s pay day too… oops! Anyway, it’s nearly the weekend, I can smell it. Hope you have a fantastic one and the sun shines for you, wherever you are!

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