Monday Randoms … How to make Monday Mornings better!

Oh Monday, here you are again. Even if you love your job, there’s not really anyone who likes getting out of bed on a Monday morning, after the chilled and relaxed pace of the weekend and the lovely long dreamy mornings.  Unless you are a Monday morning person, but do any of those really exist?

Thanks to Jessica Stirling

With a grand total of 52 Monday’s this year (thank goodness for Bank Holiday’s I say), I suspect you’ll have to encounter a few of them – even if you’re lucky enough to have lots of holidays, or a flexible job. So, if like me, you’d rather find a way to make Monday morning’s better, please keep with me. A happy Monday morning, turns into a happy day all round.

1) As soon as you wake up on Monday morning, rather than cursing at the alarm, stop. Breathe. Take a few moments to think of three things you are grateful for. Be it your health, wealth or lovely family. Or maybe the fact that you’ve got a huge bar of chocolate in the fridge! Anything at all. It’s hard to be grumpy when you feel warm and fuzzy inside.


2)  Set aside some time on Monday morning to do something you really like. Whether it’s watching TV for 5 minutes, listening to your favourite song while you get ready, or playing with your cat/dog/child. If you do something which makes you happy and puts a smile on your face, the morning will look better already. Here’s our Kitty hiding in the bookshelf … puts a smile on my face every time!


3) Arrange to walk to work/the bus stop/station with a friend, family member or neighbour. It will give you something to look forward to, and there’s nothing like a good old natter to take away those nagging thoughts of what you have to do when you get to work, or grumpiness over not getting as much sleep as you would have liked. Chances are the person you’re with will feel happier for the chat too – so that’s two Monday’s improved in one! If you can’t manage this, arrange to meet a friend for lunch.

4) Make Monday mornings your ‘treat myself’ morning. Pick up your favourite coffee on the way to work, buy yourself a nice piece of vegan cake for lunchtime (like one these yummy treats from Planet Organic), or make yourself your favourite breakfast (if you have time between applying mascara with one hand, while dressing with the other)!


5) For every negative thought, make it a positive one. Every time you catch yourself thinking, ‘Oh, I hate Monday. Today is going to be just awful’. Catch it quick, nip it in the bud and replace it with a nice thought like, ‘I’m going to have a great day today’. Or look at pictures of lovely kitties and doggies.

These tips are all fairly basic, and they are very easy to incorporate into your life. I think the main message of them is to mix up that routine. Monday’s can be a drudgery because it’s back to the same old routine, and it plunges you back into the working week and away from your fun weekend. So don’t let it be. Mix it up, break it up. Take back Monday’s and make them fun!

Happy Monday!


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