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Surprise … I’ve found another monthly box of food and goodies to talk about. But this one is a little bit different and you have just over one day to secure your box of goodness!  myWellBoxie came about when Anne-Line, co-founder and director was searching for a subscription box that contained not just food, but fitness/health accessories too. She found nothing. And so, the story begins.

myWellBoxie - Paul

A fantastic box has been created, which not only contains lovely, healthy foods and fitness accessories, but also offers advice on how to maintain a balanced healthy lifestyle the trendy way. At myWellBoxie, they are keen to take away the association of the words “healthy living” to mean only eating salads or tasteless foods, spending way too much time at the gym, or being a “calorie counter”. They are also keen to observe that health trends come and go so quickly; one minute something is bad for you, and the next .. you should be eating/drinking it once/twice or even three times a week!

I get the impression that myWellBoxie want to take away some of this confusion and keep you up to date with what’s going on. Without the need for you to read three newspapers, ten online articles and then someone in the gym tells you something totally different!

So, who are the boxes for? Well, they are certainly not just for those who workout or exercise all of the time, otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this article. I’d have been scared off at the first hurdle, so to speak! myWellBoxie is for everyone; young, old, fitness freaks and those who are little scared of the words ‘gym membership’ (myself included in this category).  The idea behind myWellBoxie is that you don’t have to spend hours at the gym, or eat boring foods. You can do it with some healthy eating and some basic fitness tips. As quoted on their website:

“Tired of eating the same thing? Here at myWellBoxie we strongly believe that staying healthy shouldn’t be complicated, so we made it simple”!

So, I know you’re waiting for me to tell you what’s likely to be in the box …

products mywellboxie

– Between 6 and 8 healthy (but very yummy) foods. For example, quinoa cookies with dark chocolate and flax seeds; fruity coconut energy balls; freekeh; lentil chips; high quality drinks such as tea, coconut coffee etc… and wholesome cereal bars. Brands will include the likes of Food Doctor, 9bar, Tea People, Rude Health and Nakd.

– 1 trendy wellness or fitness accessory; trendy gym bottles, beauty creams, or perhaps some lovely sprouting pencils. I read about these pencils in the Metro just yesterday – growing herbs/flowers when you’ve finished using the pencil (lead free) – LOVE IT!

– Health and nutrition advice from the myWellBoxie nutritionist; along with a simple recipe and fun collectible postcards.

All of these fab products/goodies will be popped into a lovely cloth bag and shipped to your door in a box. And yes, they want to cater for vegans, vegetarians and those of us with gluten intolerances too!

So, where can you get one from? Well, that’s the fun bit. myWellBoxie need your help to get the project kick started with crowdfunding. Save yourself some time in the supermarkets, perusing the labels and finding out if it’s really healthy, and get a box full of good stuff and advice. Get involved now and join the health revolution by securing the future of myWellBoxie and get yourself a gift! Shipping to the UK and France, there’s something for everyone!

To find out more, you can visit myWellBoxie on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

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