Tuesday Randoms … Making Stuff & Workshops

Happy Tuesday and sorry for the lack of a Monday Random yesterday – it was my birthday and I spent all day doing, well … nothing! It was hot, and the balcony was calling.

Anyway, on the tube this morning, I was reading the latest edition of Time Out London magazine and spotted a really interesting feature on making your own gold or silver rings, at WORK-SHOP. I was inspired by the lovely piece on making a silver ring, and it sounded really simple and just like good fun. On visiting their website, I can see that there are workshops on making lamps, journal covers, or even just drinking tea (ooh how very middle class)!

The next workshop is on the 12th June, and you can make your own silver ring for just £25. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a great deal to me.  I’d love to go along and have a go – perhaps with guidance I would actually come away with something that looked in some way like a ring. I’d just love to make something that looked this amazing! If left to my own devices, it would probably be more like a piece of scrap metal! I’d just love to make something that looked this amazing!


I’d heard of lots of other workshops before, but they seem to be getting more and more popular. Before Christmas, I found out about the lovely courses offered at Indytute. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go, but I really fancied the origami class. Everything on offer is rather unique and you will definitely learn something a little bit ‘out there’. Fancy an ‘extreme garnishing’ class perhaps? Sounds like something out of Harry Potter – and looks a bit like it from this photo too!


Perhaps you want to make a garden in a bottle – I just love this idea. So cute and perfect if you don’t have a garden.  Want something a little more energetic, you can learn to hoop lah with a teacher called Marawa the Amazing! She can hoop a staggering 133 hoops at the same time (not required by novices). Such fun! Some of the Indytute classes are quite pricey, but others are really affordable – and I can’t imagine you’ll come away anything less than happy and with a feeling of a well spent hour or two! Not to mention that some of these classes would be great for hen/stag activities!


Now, I’m sure we’ve all fancied a hand at a bit of graffiti before, but those of us who don’t wish to get arrested, or mucky up London have had to keep well restrained. Hold back no more – you can now arm yourself with a spray can at an Alternative London Street Art Tour & Workshop!

Get to see London’s finest street art, include those famous Banksy pieces, then head on to the workshop and go crazy! You get a full four hours for just £25 – I don’t think that can be sniffed at! Because who doesn’t need to learn how to graffiti, just for the hell of it?


If you just want to draw quietly, and enjoy a natter whilst surrounded by lovely vintage clothes, head to Paper Dress Vintage for their weekly fashion illustration class. I haven’d had chance to go myself, but it sounds as though I’d spend more than the £10 class fee if I saw all of their lovely dresses!

For those of you outside of London, check out the Art & Design Centre in Manchester, for wire beaded jewellery classes, or the Tea, Cakes & Crafts Workshops in Brighton.

Wherever you are, and whatever you fancy doing, there’s bound to be something for you to make, learn or have fun with. Go out there and do some random stuff!

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