Friday Randoms … Have a Green & Sunny Weekend!

The sun is shining, the weekend is just a hop and a skip away, and with the temperatures set to stay in the 20s, the great outdoors is calling! There are lots of things going on this weekend, around the country. In Bristol, it’s the start of Big Green Week, and for those of us in London, it’s the one weekend of the year where you get chance to get into those private and elusive, closed off areas of greenery, at the Open Garden Squares Weekend.

I must admit, that before I came across it today, I’d never heard of Big Green Week. It’s something that really would be great spreading out around the UK, as it sounds like great fun.  Big Green Week is basically a festival of eco ideas, art and entertainment. And there are a staggering 150+ events in Bristol over the span the duration of 14th-22nd June. From talks and workshops, to music, comedy and films, it sounds like Bristol is the place to be over the coming 9 days!


Jump on a City Sight Seeing Bus and get yourself a tour of lovely Bristol, with a ‘green twist’! Perhaps you want to go at slower pace, and take the BIG Green Flowers & Butterflies Tour.


If music is more your thing, they’ve got everything from relaxing, chill-out and spiritual music, to jazz and funk. A name that stood out to me was the Formidable Vegetable Sound Machine – just loving the randomness of the name! And what’s their style? Why, ecological electro-swing of course!

Don’t forget there’s also comedy, art, fashion – so much for everyone. And in case you need to sit with a cuppa and your feet up, there’s always the pop-up Pukka Tea House! I do love a cup of Pukka! I think I’ll be planning a trip to Bristol this time next year!

For those of you, like me, who will have their green feet firmly grounded in London this weekend, there’s plenty of outdoory-ness for you to enjoy too. Whilst those of us who weren’t quick and nimble to the ballots have missed out on a tour of the gardens of 10 Downing Street and Highbury Stadium Square, there are still so many lovely patches of green which are having their gates thrown open for two days!

Photo by Geoff Wilson

I was browsing my way through the garden selector, for somewhere local to me, and my eyes locked onto ‘The Secret Orchard‘. I don’t know about you, but it brings fond memories of reading the ‘The Secret Garden’ as a child, and watching the garden unfurl in my imagination.

It gets better – ‘The Secret Orchard’ in SE14 has a fully licensed vegetarian and vegan cafe (with gluten free options), a stall selling local produce and Fairtrade, organic teas and coffees. All set in the glorious soft fruit, Urban orchard, and a wildlife pond. This just sounds amazing – I know what we’re doing tomorrow!

Fancy sneaking into a usually locked up 17th Century garden, in Kensington & Chelsea? Of course you do! Head along to Kensington Square Gardens and you can hear the delights of The Treblemakers – singing to raise money for charity.

Photo by Sarah Jackson

For just £12 (or £10 if you book your tickets online now) you can secure yourself entry into all of the gardens (except those which require advanced booking for tours) on both Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th June. There are loads and loads of gardens to choose from. So go play!

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, be it enjoying the greenery in your own back garden, or further afield, have a good one. Happy Friday!

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