Vintage Fashion … Festival Fever!

It’s only a few sleeps until the fields of Worthy Farm open their gates again for Glastonbury 2014. The weather is set to be hot and sunny, but in traditional Glastonbury style, there will most likely be rain… and rain means mud! So, I’m sure you’ve all got your trusty wellies ready (unless you like to bathe your feet in mud, I won’t be one to judge), but what are you going to wear? I’ve compiled some of my favourites from Rokit Vintage and Rokit Recycled from their men’s and women’s festival collections (be quick as they are all one-off pieces as they are original vintage/recycled). So whether you’re heading off next week, or to a festival later in the year, there’s something for everyone!

Maybe it’s just me, but it scares me a little when I see 90s stuff in vintage. Am I already old at 32? But nonetheless, this tribal inspired play-suit is an absolute stunner, and with or without wellies it’ll look great and be oh so comfy and light. It’s dark too, so it’ll hide the mud!

90s Tribal Playsuit £30

Or perhaps you want to get your inner hippy out, with this bright and playful tie dye cropped t-shirt…

Rokit Recycled Tie Dye Cropped T-Shirt £20

And it’s not just us girlies that are catered for at Rokit. Guys can reveal their love of wizardry with this magical t-shirt. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’d be mighty tempted to give it a chop around the neck and sleeves (please don’t murder me vintage lovers) and wear it myself!

Wizardry Tie-Dye T-shirt £18

Of course, you couldn’t be seen at a festival without a truly vintage Nirvana t-shirt…

Nirvana T-Shirt £18

Still, if your aim is to truly rock the 70s look, what could be better than this full maxi dress? Cool, airy and fun.

Rokit 70s Floral Maxi Dress £35

But this has to be my favourite of all – really striking and will definitely stand you out from the crowd!

Vintage 70s Dress £45
Vintage 70s Dress £45

Talking of standing out in the crowd, don’t forget what a said earlier. Everything on Rokit Vintage is a one-off. Sourced from the UK, US or Canada.. There’s little worry of running into someone wearing the same outfit as you.

If you’re heading off to Glastonbury next week, have the time of your life! Perhaps you’re heading to Womad, V Festival, BST, Wilderness, Roskilde or one of countless festivals across the world this summer. If so, have a blast too! And if the nearest you’re getting to a festival this year is sunning yourself in your back garden – there’s nothing wrong with doing it in style!

Happy camping!




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