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On Saturday I dragged my husband around Olympia, to visit the Allergy Show, VDelicious and the Love Natural Love Organic Show. Yes, they were all under one roof! And yes, I bribed the aforementioned hubby with lots of samples of cakes and sweet things! That’s not to say he didn’t enjoy himself, he got just as excited as me about some of the yummy vegan delights, and he just loves carrying my shopping! And here is my stash of goodies!

My stash of goodies!

You’ll be pleased to hear, I don’t plan to eat all of the sweetie goodness in one go, and I do have a helper! There were just so many lovely things and I was really like a kid in a sweetie shop!

I can’t possibly fit everything into this one post, so I’m going to talk about some of my highlights from the day, and some of these things may well make it into their own posts at a later stage.

Single Vegan Tuck Box £22

As you may be aware, I’m a sucker for monthly boxes, and one of the first foodie stalls we visited was the Vegan Tuck Box. Staring out at me were big bars of Vego Chocolate (heaven and naughty-ness all wrapped up in brick of a chocolate bar), yummy sweeties, crisps and all kinds of naughty treats. I had a nice little chat with the lovely lady at the stall and couldn’t resist the bargain bag (shown at the bottom of my stash) of seven items (in the bag) for £7! You can get a box of goodness sent to you one a monthly basis, or as a one off, and even special boxes for Christmas and Easter. Hubby’s eyes lit up at this one, and I’ll know what he’ll be getting under the tree this year already!

I visited the Rebel Kitchen stall (also present in my Vegan Tuck Box bag) to try their various flavours (I’ve only tried the chocolate one so far and it puts all other dairy free chocolate milks to shame).

Rebel Kitchen

Bang on the mark, the lovely lady at this stall overheard me tell my hubby which flavours I hadn’t tried yet, and she had them ready for me before I could finish my sentence – impressive! The Chai Mylk was absolutely divine! Yum! You’d never know that they are made from only a handful of pure and natural ingredients, and no nonsense whatsoever!

Next up we visited the Foods of Athenry stall. My husband, being a fellow Irish man got chatting away and we were there for ages, talking and munching crackers and cookies (lots are vegan and gluten free, some are just gluten free). They’re very yummy and as well as on their website, we were told they were stocked on Ocado too. Bonus! I promise you we did talk to these ladies, but they were just a little camera shy!


Just across, were the lovely FreeGo. A brand new company selling lots of lovely gluten free foods, all of which have to pass the FreeGo panel test and get the seal of approval. So no random, un-tasted, unknown stuff. What a fantastic idea. Had a lovely chat with the lady at the stall, and found out all about Dialsi gluten free pasta, supposedly deemed better than regular pasta by some Italian restaurants! We later purchased some, and cooked it up on Sunday. I can vouch for the claim myself now! It really deserves a Michelin star!


Shop online at FreeGo for the first time, and get a lovely £10 off when you spend just £20, using the code Welcome10.

I found some lovely, healthy mints with interesting flavours like cinnamon and coffee. And absolutely free of animal products too. The lovely VerMints. of course, two packs ended up in my bag after a long tasting session. You can buy these lovelies in WholeFoods.


I went on to try the lovely raspberry coconut yoghurt, at the Coconut Collaborative. Really rich and creamy – such a great yoghurt replacement. These are available in Waitrose, which is great news!


And on the subject of coconut, which I love just a little bit, we got some fab Cocoa & Coconut 9Bars from their new Indulge range…  Rich, chocolatey and still healthy and packed with seeds and yummy stuff.

Yummy 9Bars!

We decided we were being a bit too sweet toothed, and headed over to the guys at Good Hemp, where we tasted their lovely Italian Herb Shelled Hemp. It was suggested that we try this protein packed goodness as an alternative to parmesan. And what a wonderful suggestion that was, thank you! Rich and full of flavour and a nutty texture.


And then a squeal of excitement nearly came, as I spotted the yummy Vegusto stall – mouthfuls of cheese samples later, we walked away with the No-Moo Melty, and the promise of vegan-cheese on toast when we got home seemed like a great idea!

I’m at a risk of waffling on, but I can’t go without mentioning the lovely Angelic Gluten Free and their amazing rosemary and sea salt crackers. Try them, you will never believe they are vegan and gluten free. The lovely Frank were housed close by, and their bars are always a win win. Packed full of protein, chocolate and soft cakey like goodness.

And just a few shout outs for the lovely Sweet Virtues. Your hand-made super food truffles really were delicious, I was just so loaded up with sweet stuff, I had to promise you I’d buy them on Ocado in the future, and I really will do. They are sweet but so full of good stuff like chia seeds, that you can almost give yourself a gold star for eating them! Thanks also to Life Food for introducing us to some yummy raw chocolate. I’ll be back for more!


And last but not least, those lovely girls at Goodness Direct who fed me with chocolate and smiled me into loving them even more than I already too! You are true stars and because you sell so much yummy stuff, I’ll be giving you a post of your own in the very near future! You can probably buy almost everything I’ve talked about on their site. In fact, if you want to try them too, why don’t you click here and get a £10 voucher! They also sell the lovely stuff from the likes of Green People who were also at the show (but swamped all day so I didn’t get to say hello).

To anyone I haven’t mentioned, I’m sorry. I love you all, I just couldn’t fit you all in, or did see you all. Can’t wait to see you in September at VegFestUK!

And don’t forget, for those of you in and around Liverpool, you can still head to VDelicious North and the Allergy Show North in October. Enjoy!

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  1. Tschaka Roussel says:

    Wow! You certainly had a good show. Sorry I didn’t get to say hello personally. I hope you get to enjoy all the treats you brought home. Do let us know if there’s anything you think we really ought to stock. ~Tschaka, GoodnessDirect

    1. I’ll certainly let you know if there are any goodies that you’re missing out on! Hope we can work together with my blog and your site sometime soon?

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