Random Eats… Inspiral Delights in Camden.

Sorry if I’ve been a little absent since last week! We’ve taken a bit of time off to relax at home, enjoy the sun and do lots of fun things in London and around the South East coast too. But I just had to get on here and tell you all about the yummy food we ate in Camden earlier this week.

Photograph from 192.com

After a long time of meaning to go, we finally got some lunch in the Inspiral Lounge/Cafe – a lovely little spot, overlooking the canal. If you’re lucky enough, you can bag yourself one of the seats by the window, and enjoy the watery view. It’s a rather unusual spot, combining the delights of organic, raw, vegan food with a music/arts/events venue. Not to forget that they run completely on green energy. And did I mention that it’s a heaven for those on a gluten free diet too!


The only thing I’ve ever eaten from Inspiral before are the Raw Loveberry Superfruit Bites, courtesy of the lovely VeganKind subscription box. Truly delicious and packed with super-foods, it’s really easy to snack and feel good about it with a bag of these. And they made me want to visit the place that made them!

Everything looks amazing. Loads of fab foods are lined up along the counter – you can grab a ready made dish, or you can pile up a plate full of bits and pieces that take your fancy. Both hot and cold foods are available and it will all make your mouth water.

Raw Burger & Small ‘Pick & Mix’ Bowl

This lovely feast above, is a raw nut and seed burger, with a small bowl from the pick and mix counter. You can add what you want in here. I chose some fried potatoes, a broccoli salad mix and a gorgeous lentil dish. All of this for just £9.95 with one of the deals. Great value and you really feel satisfied eating raw food. The burger was a lovely combination of nuts, seeds and all things good. It tasted good and not at all plain. Lots of flavour. I think it was cashew cheese on the top – divine. And a nest of raw carrots underneath. I would recommend this to anyone.


And below, is the enormous plate of food my hubby munched his way through! Great value again for just £9.95 and really pretty (I just love a plate full of colourful, natural food)! Our lunch was so satisfying, we didn’t need to cook dinner that evening!

Large Pick & Mix Plate £9.95

The desserts looked absolutely amazing, and despite the urge to grab a piece of raw cheesecake, we just couldn’t fit them in. Next time, we’ll go in just for these!

Anyway, on the subject of food, I’m feeling the need to go and explore some more of London’s vegan/vegetarian eateries – loads more blog posts to come!

Have a lovely, sunny week ahead!

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