Simple & Satisfying – Vegan delights of Le Pain Quotidien

With a couple of weeks off recently to enjoy the sights, sounds and heatwave that London has had to offer, I’ve got loads to tell you about! It’s Monday, so I’m going to keep it light and breezy and all about food!


Last week, we were wandering around along the Thames, soaking up the sun and stopping for coffee, cold drinks and treats at multiple locations. The treasure of this particular day was Le Pain Quotidien just alongside Royal Festival Hall. They appear to have recently had a menu overhaul, and much to my delight the options for vegans were many, as well as lots of new gluten free options. There was also plenty for everyone – you needn’t feel embarrassed if you’re eating here in a group with your meat eating friends, as you won’t be stuck with a boring old salad or a side of chips! We sat outside, but as you can see above, they have a very lovely inside area.


It’s always a pleasure to find the menu nicely marked with the dishes suitable for vegans (a cute little carrot) and new options to replace gluten free bread, in the form of lovely, crispy crackers. And there were plenty of them, without having to ask for dishes to be changed, cheese taken out or checking how it’s been cooked! Refreshing and simple.

My husband went for this lovely, organic, three bean ‘Chilli sin Carne’ complete with soya sour cream – totally impressed! Looked fantastic, tasted fantastic. Need I say more?


I always have a little more of a challenge finding items I can eat – but not here. I was given so much choice – gorgeous raw salads, a choice of gluten free tartine options and a lovely platter with hummus and crudités (this cried out to me and may well have to be tried another day). I’m a bit of an avocado lover, so I of course, opted for the gluten free version of the Avocado Tartine. A gorgeous blend of avocado, white beans and lemon hummus, topped with seeds. Yummy!


Once again, this dish was amazing – really rich and creamy, and the crackers were not overly hard and crunchy, so they worked great as a bread substitute. With our meals we both had a gorgeous Watermelon Juice from the specials menu (see the first picture).  This was the perfect option for a hot, sunny afternoon.

And no meal would be complete (if you’re with us) without dessert. In many places, sorbet is the only option on the menu (and whilst sorbet is wonderful, it’s nice to have something different once in a while). So when my husband spotted the little carrot symbol next to one of the cakes on the specials menu, he got rather excited! I can’t remember the flavour, but it was eaten very quickly!


I opted for a much healthier option (not judging I promise) chia seed and coconut milk pudding. Delicious and very light. Such a yummy little dish, in a cute little pot.


So, thanks to Le Pain Quotidien, we had a wonderful, hassle free lunch. Loads of choices for everyone. We also had the most wonderful service – really friendly staff who were full of smiles and happiness.  There are several restaurants to choose from in and around London.

Don’t just take my word for it, go and treat yourself! The olives were yummy too!

Thanks for reading!

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