Random… Tigers!

Yesterday was Global Tiger Day, and whilst I’m a day behind everyone else in the world, it’s never too late to help save the tiger!

Photo from Greenpeace.

The photograph above was taken by Greenpeace. Unfortunately I haven’t had the privilege to get so close. The habitat of these beautiful tigers is being destroyed, mostly for palm oil plantations (found in 1 in 2 supermarket products), and now the WWF estimate that there are only around 3200 tigers remaining in the wild today.


Poaching is also still a serious threat. Just a few days ago, items containing parts of these endangered tigers were seized in the UK. Items to be used for jewellery and medicines. It concerns me that in a day and age where we can manufacture and make anything, even from the bounties of natural resources which do not cause harm to living things, there are still people who desire these items.

It’s also just come to my attention that the Born Free Foundation have co-authored in a shocking report, exposing Tiger Farms and the awful conditions within them. Feel free to read the report here, I won’t shock you with the horrific details.

So, what can you do to help? Well, there are lots of alternatives. From giving money, to helping join the campaign for tiger and forest friendly palm oil. Here are a few simple options:

1) Try to buy forest friendly products – look out for certified paper and tissues, sustainable palm oil and sustainable coffee. Sign the Tiger Manifesto!

Lil Bub


2) Go to the Greenpeace Cats Help Tigers page and watch @iamlilbub, the latest cat celebrity and find out how your cat can join in! Or view it here on You Tube!

3) Adopt a Tiger – a perfect gift for yourself, or a fellow animal lover. Get a cuddly toy, fact sheet and magazines, whilst helping save and restore the vital habitat, and increasing the strength of anti-poaching patrols.

4) Join Graeme Le Saux, Kelly Hoppen, Jo Wood and loads of other celebrities by donating to the WWF to help protect tigers.

Text TIGERS to 70800 to donate just £5.

Photograph from WWF

If you can’t donate right now, how about sending one of these messages on Twitter:

Tigers urgently need help. #text4tigers – support @wwf_uk by texting TIGERS to 70800 to donate £5 today

What’s it worth to have wild tigers in the world? £5? #text4tigers – text TIGERS to 70800 to donate £5 for tigers today

Help give tigers a safe future in the wild. #text4tigers – text TIGERS to 70800 today to donate £5

If we don’t do something soon, there will be no tigers left in the wild at all. And captivity is no way to live out the life of your species.

I’ve not be asked to do this post by any of the charities above, I just love animals and want to help save this beautiful species, which has been destroyed by the actions of man.

Thanks for reading!

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