Random… Favourite VegFest Contenders!!

Following up from my earlier post, all about VegFestUK and the launch of my competition, I thought I’d write a follow up post as I’ve had some great entries and favourites. I thought I’d share with you some of my favourites from those nominated in the VegFestUK Awards.

If you want to head straight for the competition entry, just click here, like my page and comment on one of my VegFest posts telling me your favourite vegan thing. Be it a brand, a restaurant or a person, I’m not fussy!

VegfestUK Awards 2014 Logo final blue background

I’ve not been lucky enough to stay in any of the veggie accommodation yet – I’m waiting for an opportunity, and then you’ll be the first ones to hear all about it! So, I’ll move on to the next category…

Best Coconut Product

This is a tough one for me, as I’m torn between a cupboard staple which I use every day and a really yummy luxury. I’ll tell you about both!


Koko Dairy Free – if you haven’t tried this amazing milk alternative, try it now. I’ve never really enjoyed the taste of soya milk in tea and on cereal. Several years ago I was given a taster in Planet Organic and I’ve been buying the stuff ever since. It’s creamy, it does have a coconut taste, but it’s not like drinking coconut milk out of a can. It’s delicate and it’s really refreshing. I love it in tea or coffee, and it’s also great in a glass on it’s own.


And now onto my luxury favourite, Booja Booja Ice Cream. I don’t really need to say much about this – it is out of this world. I’ve tried loads of ice cream alternatives and nothing gets anywhere near this stuff! And if you look at the ingredients, you won’t believe your eyes. The chocolate one (shockingly enough my most common purchase) contains water, agave syrup, cashew nuts and cocoa powder. YES! Really – just 4 ingredients, and organic ones too! It’s creamy, it’s tasty and it doesn’t come with all that guilt laden, calorie hiding sugar!


Best Publication


Viva! Life magazine is an absolutely wonderful read. It’s usually for subscription only, but I was sent one through the post recently and I was very impressed. There were some great stories, really useful recipes and information and some super competitions. I do love a chance to win stuff! There’s none of that lazy journalism you see so often now, it’s all really well thought out and informative. Viva also have a wonderful online shop, why not check it out?

Best Vegan Meat

I really wanted to be able to write this post having had the chance to try Dee’s vegan and gluten free sausages. Unfortunately I haven’t found a local stockist yet, but from what I’ve heard they are going to be my new favourite thing!

From the remainder of the list, there aren’t a huge number of options I am able to eat, as I have to avoid wheat. I do, however absolutely love the Dragonfly burgers range! Both gluten free and vegan, as well as being packed full of protein and natural ingredients, they are a winner. They have a great texture and they’re super in a bun!


Best Vegan Drinks

Without a doubt, my favourite from this category has to be Rebel Kitchen! Once again, a brand who use very few ingredients and make a huge amount of flavour! Their Matcha Green and Chocolate varieties are my favourite, but there are lots to try. The best milkshake alternative on the market, in my opinion. For a longer review, read my previous blog post of them by clicking this link.


Best Vegan Cake, Sweets & Dessert

No No No! Don’t make me choose. I love everything that’s cake-y or dessert-y! I’ll try and make a few sub-categories here, maybe that will help. For chewy, sugary sweeties Goody Good Stuff are amazing – their cola bottles are out of this world! You can tell the difference with some gelatine free sweets, but these are perfect. Full of flavour, chewy and a little tangy. Try to leave some in the pack… bet you can’t!


Now, if you’re looking for something to replace a cheesecake, or a thick, stodgy mousse type dessert, Pudology is your hero! The rich chocolate ganache pudding is one of my favourites, but the strawberry pud comes a close second – it even has a gluten free biscuit base. They are rather small pots and they’re not remarkably cheap, but they are very rich and satisfying, so I think you get good value. And come on, you’re worth it, right?


Now, the bit you’ve all been waiting for – CAKE! Ms Cupcake is 100% vegan and there are always loads of gluten free options. If you see her stall when you’re out and about, or at a festival, you will not be able to walk past it without drooling!


Best Vegan Snack Bars & Chocolates

I think I’ve already covered this one in my previous post. I hate having to choose between chocolate, and now snack bars are thrown in too!

For chocolate, it definitely has to be Vego, Ombar and The Raw Chocolate Company. Sorry guys, you are all great for different reasons and I just can’t choose one!

Vego bars are the size of bricks (well, almost) – and they are the closest I’ve come to tasting hazelnut praline since not eating regular chocolate. Lovely soft, rich chocolate (very milk chocolate tasting) with whole hazelnuts mixed in. Mmmmm…


Ombar – raw coconut goodness. The Mylk one is really creamy and they are so satisfying. Filled with healthy probiotics too. Literal chocolate goodness!

The Raw Chocolate Company – if you ever stop making the Vanoffe, I will most likely cry and stamp my feet! Creamy caramel flavours, make this a wonderful and unique bar.

And onto snack bars – the smooshed up Nakd bar has long been one of our cupboard staples. Moist and soft and full of date and nut goodness. Simple Cocoa Delight is the one for me – it’s the softest and squidgiest as far as I’m concerned, and it is very good for breakfast, but also doubles as a cake replacement in an emergency.


And I couldn’t move on without a mention of Frank. Myself and Frank have become very good friends lately. Mostly because it’s a chocolate coated snack bar that’s also rich in protein and energy! These are a more solid bar than the Nakd ones described above, and they are a really satisfying snack or breakfast treat. They also have something in called EnergySmart.  I wasn’t really too sure what this was, but it’s made from fruit concentrate and is a totally natural source of energy. Frank are changing the make-up of their bars and as a result they have some amazing offers on their website at the minute – quick run!


Best Vegan Fashion & Footwear

None of my favourites are here, but I do like Fashion-Conscience.com as they do a huge range of different brands and often have very good sale offers! I often write whole posts on my favourite ethical fashion, so keep your eyes peeled for more on this subject!

Best Vegan Bodycare

Again, many of my favourite brands have been missed out of the nominations this time around. I do, however love Jason toothpaste.


Lots of flavours to choose from, including cinnamon, spearmint and vanilla mint. I really love the enamel protecting one shown above – it really does work. My dentist is impressed, but he thinks I’m seeing another dentist behind his back!

Best Vegan Shop

I absolutely adore Vegan Cross (Vx) at King’s Cross. It’s such a tiny little space, but it’s like walking to Mary Poppin’s handbag – there’s just so much stuff here. From yummy vegan cheese, to every chocolate bar under the sun, vegan squirty cream, clothes, shoes and more! And everyone is so lovely and friendly. Go there, you’ll be glad you did! You can also buy their stuff online, so no need to travel!


I’m going to stop here, because I’ve been chatting away for some time. I’ve already written about some of my favourite vegan/vegetarian restaurants and I’m not really one for following celebrities just because they don’t eat animal products! So, on that note, I’d like to remind you that you can still win two tickets to VegFest in London this September.

Just click here, like my page and comment on one of my VegFest posts telling me your favourite vegan thing. Be it a brand, a restaurant or a person, I’m not fussy!

Thanks and good luck!

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