A Cause for Cats… International Cat Day!

International Cat Day. ‘But isn’t every day cat day?’

Those of you who have the pleasure of living with cats probably know exactly what I mean. You don’t own your house, the cat does. You don’t run your life, the cat does. You spend each and every day pampering your well deserving Kitty, and who would blame you? So as far as I’m concerned, every single day is International Cat Day, but today is just the official one! And here’s our cat sitting in her pot of grass!


Just in case you can’t tell from this photograph, Kitty is absolutely bonkers! We found each other through the wonderful CatCuddles Cat Sanctuary in London. A charity run entirely from generous donations and with a dedicated and truly admirable volunteer team. Not forgetting the wonderful lady who started it all, and shares her home with these wonderful balls of fluff.

CatCuddles Sanctuary

CatCuddles differs to many other shelters and sanctuaries, it that it offers a home from home environment. The kitties always come first, and they never overcrowd, taking in only as many cats as they can manage. It’s also really important to everyone at CatCaddles that each cat finds the best home, so that it will be happy. Hopeful adopters are always carefully checked out prior to taking any kitty to it’s forever home. A donation is then taken from the new ‘cat parents’ to ensure that another at can be rescued in it’s place. I think it’s an absolutely lovely system, and it really takes away the worry that cats are going to be taken home, then back into rescue centres a short time down the line.


CatCuddles only use their money for the cats, and they receive no state funding or grants. I want to do my bit and help them to help other cats, and save them from being abandoned and lonely. Please consider donating if you can. You can follow the link to the donating page, or simply send your donation via Paypal to donate@catcuddles.org.uk

Suki SukiSelfie


I’d like to dedicate this post to the lovely Suki, who sadly passed away in 2014.  We had adopted her from CatCuddles just six, short months before, and as a senior of 17 years, we knew she may only have had a little time left. We wanted to make that time as comfortable and happy for her as possible, and we can only hope we did the best by her. So, this World Cat Day, I remember Suki and thank CatCuddles for not giving up on this beautiful, loving, senior kitty, like so many other shelters would.

You can find out more about what CatCuddles do on their website. Perhaps you wish to volunteer – you can also find out more about that here.

Kitty in the Bookcase
        Photograph by Lynsey Clayton

Cats are truly wonderful animals and they deserve lots of love and attention. Please always adopt, rather than purchase from a shop or breeder, and remember, a cat needs a forever home. If you think you might have to give a cat up at some stage in life, please let someone else take it home.

Happy Cat Day and Happy Friday! Now, once you’ve donated, go and watch Simon’s Cat and have a good giggle. Every day is a Simon’s Cat day in our house!

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