Ethical Fashion… Bargain Shopping!

It’s Friday afternoon again. All you want to do is look for clothes, instead of doing whatever work you’re supposed to be doing! So, I’m going to help you out. I’ve been looking at some of my favourite ethical fashion sites yet again, and there are loads of bargains to be had as the new Autumn/Winter ranges come in. So, instead of crying that it’s rainy and cold today, think of all the money you can save!

Green Flamenco Maxi Dress £40

Charlotte’s Web were an amazing new find for me this week – and I got some lovely new harem pants from them (they are fantastic, and really comfy by the way). This gorgeous dress in the sale really caught my eye though. What an amazing print. Perfect for going on holiday, or maybe to tempt the sun back out of hiding!

I’m also a little bit in love with this beautiful wrap dress, but unfortunately they are out of stock in my size.

Red Wrap Dress £15

I’m delighted with my new find – it’s always fantastic to find like-minded, ethical suppliers and people who really care about the important things.

Now, I’ve had my eye on one particular dress at Braintree Clothing since it arrived on the site, but I’ve given into temptation now that it’s been knocked down to almost half the price! This gorgeous green dress looks like a dress and cardigan all in one. I hope it looks as beautiful on me as it does in this image.

Sorrel Dress £29.95

Now, this Melie Bianco bag may not be the cheapest bag ever, but it’s absolutely stunning, at it is reduced from £75 to £52.50 on Fashion Conscience, so I’m sure in the world of a woman’s justification for buying handbags, you can work it out!

Melie Bianco Vegan Bag £52.50

I could go on forever, listing all of the gorgeous things I want to buy, but I fear I’ll drain your bank accounts too then! So, happy shopping! It’s really easy to buy beautiful things, whilst still shopping ethically.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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