Random Health & Fitness… 30 Day Yoga Challenge. My experience so far!

Several years ago, I used to go to a weekly yoga class. Every week, without fail. It was the only form of exercise I’ve really ever enjoyed doing. And then life got busy, I moved away from near my yoga class and I let it slide. I had all the best will in the world to do it at home, but it stayed very much a will and I was unmotivated. Until a friend pointed me in the direction of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge.



Besides being told it was really good, I’m not sure what made it different enough to motivate me. Perhaps it was that when I went on the site it said that there was no experience needed, and that each session would only be 10-20 minutes. It sounded manageable enough to me. My husband seemed doubtful that I would find the motivation every day, and my answer? If I can’t commit 10-20 minutes a day to doing something I know makes me feel good, there’s something wrong with my lifestyle!


So I signed up. It’s simple and it’s free, and the daily session is emailed to you each day. The teacher is Erin Motz, a fully certified yoga teacher of 7 years. She’s very good and makes some amusing jokes throughout the session, so it’s not all serious and it’s definitely fun.

So far I’ve completed the first three days, and I’m really loving it! I actually look forward to getting the email through and getting the chance to fit in my yoga session when I get home. It’s become a bit of me time, and a chance to relax and stretch out. I’ve got some slightly sore muscles, but not a bad soreness. And I feel good about it. In my experience, yoga has always been enjoyable, and if it’s not, you’re pushing yourself too hard.


Overall, I’ve found that I can easily handle everything. I had a little trouble holding down-dog one-handed, but I’ll get there. Nothing so far has been difficult, over-reaching or hard to follow. And the duration is just right. Enough to feel like you’ve done good, but not too much to exhaust you on a daily basis.

I’ve heard scary things about Day 4 though – abs! Eek! My abdominal muscles are not exactly in tip-top condition at the moment and I may find today a challenge. Follow me on Twitter and you can find out how I’m getting on as the month progresses!


So, I would definitely recommend signing up. Give yourself a challenge, and perhaps you’ll get into a yoga habit. I’m hoping to!




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