Random Food… Gluten Free Goodness from Freego

Are you gluten intolerant? Do you struggle finding tasty, nutritious foods that match up to their gluten-full equivalents? Well, look no further, Freego have made it that bit easier for us. Stocking only the best gluten-free foods and snacks, and a good range for vegans too, they’ve secured themselves a great spot in the market!


I had the pleasure to meet some of the faces behind Freego at the Allergy Show earlier in the year, and they were keen to tell me all about themselves and what made them different from the other suppliers out there. Besides from the basic, gluten free only range, they hand pick and taste everything themselves. So nothing goes to chance when buying from Freego. You can rest assured that everything has been prodded, poked and tasted for good measure. If it’s tasteless or bland, it just won’t make it through. Simple eh?

Being lovely, friendly people, Freego offered me a nice discount on my first order (sorry for not having any of my own images, I opened the box in an excitable hurry and forgot to take any)! I am both wheat intolerant and vegan, so I found this site refreshing and hassle free. I was only looking for products which were vegan friendly now, as the wheat concern had been taken away! Wonderful!  And I found the range just great. From well known brands like Kallo and Meridian, to lesser known names such as Smooze and Pacari. From breads to chocolate, and everything in between.


One of my first observations of the site was that it was really easy to use, and so well presented. Neatly divided into categories, it was so quick and simple to find everything I was looking for.

If you’d like to get £10 off your first order of £25 or more, use the code MONSOON10.

When chatting to the lovely lady at the Allergy Show, I was encouraged to try the pasta brand Dialsi. Apparently there are restaurants in the UK which now serve this pasta instead of the regular stuff. Sounds worth a try? Well, I took a pack home with me and wished I’d loaded a suitcase full of the stuff! Fortunately, Freego had plenty and I ordered a box full! The spaghetti really is the best! And with a high rate of coeliac and gluten intolerance in Italy, it’s hardly surprising that they are cornering the market right now!


The range of crackers and crispbreads available on the site was impressive. The varieties of crispbread alone included chickpea, buckwheat, chestnut, quinoa, plus chia and sesame seed. I love quinoa, and it’s rich in protein, so I threw a pack of those into the basket. They were yummy and definitely worth the £3.35 price tag. Not overly dry, considering some of the brands out there. And a difference to standard offerings.


Now, besides a box full of pasta and a packet of crispbread, I have to admit that my sweet tooth won the battle and the rest of my basket was filled with ice lollies and chocolate! In the most recent edition of Scrummy Box, I received a single Smooze Coconut & Pink Guava Fruit Ice. After my husband lost the battle of who got to eat it, I declared it the most amazing ice dessert ever and ordered not one, but 3 boxes of various flavours from Freego! Try all of the flavours – my hubby says they are better than ice cream!


Last, but very much not least, I couldn’t resist the lure of raw chocolate, and threw in a Pacari Raw with cocoa nibs and salt. I know there’s a lot of varied opinions about salt and chocolate combined, but in my opinion, if you get the perfect dark chocolate, it works so well. Pacari is a really deep, rich chocolate and it tastes just great. Perfect for cravings.


And don’t forget, there are so many more yummy things that what I’ve shown you. Cakes, bread mixes, snacks, dried fruits and more! Finally, delivery is free when you spend just £30, and it will wing it’s way to you the very next day, within a one hour delivery slot. Can’t ask better than that!

So, I think Freego are just great! Great people, great range, great concept! I’m sure they will keep adding more yummy stuff too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Don’t forget, if you’d like to get £10 off your first order of £25 or more, use the code MONSOON10.

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