PussyCat Riot! Cats Against Cyber Censorship

Imagine a world with no images of cats on the internet… pretty dull isn’t it? Well, in many countries internet censorship has gone crazy and there are millions worldwide who can’t access much of YouTube or Facebook. They probably have much more time to get things done in a day, without the distraction, but still, it’s not really fair, is it?


I’m not going to point a huge finger towards Russia and North Korea, but surely our friends across the world want to be able to watch Simon’s Cat on You Tube, or send that hilarious Grumpy Cat picture to their friend. What harm is it doing anyone? It’s all just fun. Since when did fun get censored?

And that’s where The PussyCat Riot (#thepussycatriot) come in – cats have had enough. They want their pretty faces (and in some cases bums) all over the internet! So, here to get involved with the big names in the cat world is our Kitty. She didn’t like the way the bandana clashed with her green eyes, but she was prepared to drape it gently over her paw.


And then she looked at me and I saw the true spirit in her eyes. I want to join the riot, they said! Look at my pose!


So, get your feline friends to raise a paw, take a photo and add the hashtag #thepussycatriot

Together we can raise awareness of cyber censorship!

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