Random Causes… Save Money & Rubbish – Zero Waste Week 2014

Do you want to leave a better planet for your children and grand-children to grow up on?

Do you want to save money?


Well, I’ve got a great little challenge to share with you as part of Zero Waste Week. It’s fun, it’s easy and all it requires is a little effort!

You don’t have to stop making waste all in one go, just do ‘One more thing’ that you are already. Perhaps you already carry a cloth bag for shopping instead of using plastic carrier bags. If not, there’s one to start with already!

Here are 10 other great ideas:

1) Buy a cute reusable sandwich bag, like this lovely one here, and save lots of plastic bags that get thrown away. These are just £7. Rolls of sandwich bags don’t come free, and this will eventually save the pennies!


2) Save paper by recycling gift wrap, wrapping in fabric or giving gifts in a reusable tin/box. This is one I’ll be trying to do – I already have gift wrap at home and I’ll be asking for it back when the presents are opened! No shame!

3) Learn to sew! Instead of throwing things away when they get holes in, or the buttons fall off, you can repair the garment and carry on wearing it!

4) Switch from using kitchen roll to microfibre cloths. This can save you up to an amazing £78 per year!

5) Buy a toothbrush with replaceable heads, so that you only throw away the top part and save plastic! The same as if you use a razor with disposable heads! We use the Monte Bianco ones at home, and you can buy them online or in Wholefoods stores.


6) Bulk buy your shampoo, conditioner, shower gels, laundry liquids and hand soaps. You will save a fortune compared to per bottle prices, and think of all that plastic you’ll be saving from the landfill! We buy Faith in Nature and Ecover in large boxes and bottles. I love to pour my shampoo and conditioner into the lovely blue glass bottles from Neal’s Yard.


7) Get Veg Box Deliveries – they are much better value than supermarket fruit and veg, almost always organic and come in cardboard boxes, rather than having lots of individually wrapped packs. Wholegood offer their boxes through Ocado, giving a simple one-hour delivery window and their quality is fantastic! You can also try Riverford Organic or other local services.

8) Switch your plastic mineral water bottles for a reusable BPA-Free plastic one. I always go for ones with filters, and Bobble is by far my favourite of the ones I’ve tried. They don’t leak and you can buy one with a sports cap, so it doesn’t fall off! Filters as you drink and each filter lasts for at least two months!


9) Instead of throwing away glass jars and bottles, why not use them for lotions, herbs, spices, or even as candle holders.

10) Another big money saver – use hankies instead of tissues. They can be washed, don’t make your nose red and sore and will save trees as well as your pocket! You can also buy these lovely HankyBooks! 8 pages of tissues which can be neatly folded up when used and thrown in the wash! A wonderful idea and one I have to try!


So, if you’re ready to get started, why not sign the pledge? Pick one (or more) of the above, or perhaps choose your own. Challenge yourself for the next week, and who knows what long term savings and good habits you might make!

Please let me know what interesting ways you’ve found to save waste. I’d love to find out more ideas to use myself! Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hi Lynsey, thanks so much for sharing Zero Waste Week with your readers and all your fantastic tips too. I don’t think I was aware of those hankie books! Enjoy the week 🙂

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