Random Fashion… Alternative Fashion Week

All eyes are turning towards London, for the start of London Fashion Week. And whilst it’s great to admire some of the lovely things from afar, there are many reasons not to follow the trends and set your own pace. From financial to ethical and everything in between.

Perhaps you’d love to have the money, but just can’t afford hundreds of pounds for a t-shirt. Or maybe, like me, you like to shop more ethically, and avoid garments that have been made in sweat shops. I also can’t abide the use of fur, for the sake of fashion, however I’m not as brave as these lovely Peta ladies below, out in London in their smalls! Either way, buying vintage or recycled is a great alternative. You’ll be saving money, saving the planet and being kind to those around you. And you’ll have twice the fun!

Peta Protesters at #LFW2014

Rather than jump ahead to Spring/Summer next year, which let’s face it seems miles away, I’m going to stick to those we are enjoying right now. The transition into Autumn/Winter. Slow fashion is much easier to keep up with! Rokit is one of my favourite stores – they have every vintage delight you could imagine, and I’m going to choose my favourite bits from there to replace this seasons trends.

Image from FashionTrends.com

First and foremost, this has to be hands down, the easiest trend of this year to follow vintage – 60’s! You can’t tell me that a vintage 60’s piece can’t compete with a brand new designer piece. After all, it was there first! And here it is, my favourite 60’s number from Rokit Vintage. You’ll not find a Valentino for £70, I’ll tell you that!

60s Black & Cream Crochet Lace Sleeveless Dress £70

Another gorgeous trend this season is Fairytale. Flowing dresses, hoods, capes and lots of embellishment.

Image from Fashionisers.com

If you look hard enough, you can find a vintage Valentino gem, for a fraction of the price, and feel good about yourself at the same time. This piece has already been made, worn and loved. And it couldn’t fit the trend more perfectly. This is a true one of a kind, and may well be gone before I’ve finished writing!

80s Valentino Pale Blue Lace Off The Shoulder Prom Dress £225

It’s also rather fitting with the blue trend, soon to wash the streets. That’s right ladies, pink is out. Blue is in. Hurrah!

Image from Fashioners.com

I just love this gorgeous 50’s folk print skirt and Ralph Lauren (one of a kind again) ruffled blouse. So pretty. And yes, you’d need a cardigan, but it’s just crying out to be layered, perhaps with a waterfall cardigan in a matching shade of blue!

Ralph Lauren Blouse £24
50s Folk Patterned Skirt £75

And last but not least, the comforting poncho is back and here to keep us warm and cosy for the next few months. My favourite from Rokit is this black and white, Aztec pattern beauty. If it’s vanished by the time you get to the site, it’s because I’ve given into temptation!

Black & White Aztec Patterned Poncho £45

And if none of these pieces are quite to your liking, Rokit have so much more to choose from. It’s easy to get carried away!

Don’t forget, by making an alternative choice when purchasing, you can take a stand against sweat shops, as well as animal cruelty. The wonderful War on Want are highlighting the forgotten garment workers involved in making our clothes.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my post. Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!

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