Random Goodness… Follow The Frog!!!

To continue on from my post last week, encouraging random acts of sustainability in order to protect the planet and ensure a better future for ourselves, animals and others, I wanted to tell you a bit more about The Rainforest Alliance and why their work is so important.

Working with Farmers


The Rainforest Alliance may not guarantee a minimum price like Fair-trade, but it does instead provide a package of benefits for farmers that ensure healthy, happy lifestyles. Rather than just thinking of the price, The Rainforest Alliance improves on many areas, through education and empowerment.  Workers are always paid a minimum wage, working hours are kept in control and health and safety conditions are monitored. Children are not permitted to work on Rainforest Alliance certified farms.

The farmers are given information and education to help improve their productivity and quality of crops. This way they can also increase their earnings themselves, and continue with this knowledge for life, not just on a temporary basis.

Wildlife Conservation & Environment


Not taking care of the environment when carrying out farming practices can seriously damage the economy as well as the environment. Climate change, endangered animals and resource depletion are just a few issues.

Making sure that sustainable and environmentally sensitive practices are put into place is an important part of the work of The Rainforest Alliance. This ensures that the ecosystem is conserved and animal habitats are not threatened, whilst still allowing communities and business to reap the benefits from the abundant resources.


As you can see, there are numerous reasons for choosing to purchase products that have been certified by The Rainforest Alliance. It’s all too easy to fall into your local corner store and pick up the nearest, cheapest packet of tea or coffee when you’ve been on your feet at work all day. But some people have a harder time of things than you, and it will feel good to know that no-one is suffering for you to live your life. And all you have to do is look for the green frog, and reach perhaps a finger further along the shelf.  More and more businesses are becoming aware and getting certified. Just a few of the brands are pictured below.


If you want to find more brands near you that are certified, just CLICK HERE and you can search your area. There are many more brands involved than you would think, and it’s not going to cost you any more to switch brands. But it might just cost the Earth if you don’t!

Thanks for reading. Keep an eye on my page for more posts on The Rainforest Alliance, and reviews of some of the certified brands. And remember, Follow The Frog! #followthefrog


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