Random Tea… Chocolate Orange Goodness!!!

It’s National Chocolate Week! On reading back over past posts, however, it appears I write about chocolate quite a lot (hmm, I wonder why) and I thought I’d mix it up a bit!  And it just so happens that the lovely people at Revolution Tea sent me a sample of their Orange Chocolate Green Tea to try out.


I’ve tried chocolate flavours in tea before and I’ve always found an artificial taste. Revolution Tea have nailed it on the head by using real cacao nibs. So, what you get is a ginger/orange taste, with a lovely rich flavour of dark chocolate underneath. The bonus here is that you’re also getting all the healthy antioxidants from the Sencha green tea. It’s a very warming and comforting drink, and will be perfect as the Winter settles in.

It’s pure and simple, with just the whole leaf Sencha green tea, ginger root (great for digestion), cacao nibs and natural chocolate and orange flavour.  And so easy to make – just brew for 2-3 minutes. At the moment they come in single serve mesh bags. I’d love to see them as a loose tea in a packet, so I could brew up a big pot! I think it will make a lovely, luxurious drink for Christmas too.

Definitely a new one for our tea cupboard!

If you want to buy some, a box of 16 bags is £5.49 from the Revolution Tea website. They also have lots of others to choose from if chocolate orange is not your thing!

Thanks for reading – have a wonderful week ahead!

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