Random Home… Fairy Lights are not just for Christmas!

When you think of fairy lights, what comes to mind? Christmas time? Huddled up inside, in the warm? Covering your home in lights and decorations at that special time of year? I think the gorgeous lights from Blaze On are suitable all year through. In fact, I was sent some absolutely beautiful fairy lights from the lovely team at Blaze On, and I can assure you 100%, that fairy lights are most certainly not just for Christmas!


Don’t they set off the room perfectly? They are appropriately named, giving off a beautiful ambient light. All Blaze On LED lights are designed to mimic the tones of traditional fairy lights, and I think they accomplish that completely.  They also don’t heat up, so you can leave them on without worrying (just not when you go out)!


The lights pictured are the Rustic Ambient Balls. Made of simple cotton thread, spun into beautiful ball shapes. They are hand made in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand, by a network of ethically focused, home-based artisans. Blaze On are a British Company, so if you choose to buy from the gorgeous range, you will be supporting both the local economy and the lives and well-being of families in Thailand.

Fair trade and ethically sourced materials are always used where possible, and Blaze On prioritise suppliers whose practices also take into concern the well-being of the planet and the community.

Just one example of this is the mulberry paper used for the cards, boxes and some varieties of lights. Mulberry trees are fast growing, and the pulp is therefore highly sustainable. Along with the very strong fibres from the bark of the tree, this combines to make a high quality and eco-friendly product. Perfect.


You can see really clearly in this image above that the strings are clear, rather than the garish green or white you often get with other brands of fairy lights. I love this, because the focus is purely on the lights then, and they look beautiful. It’s a shame I can’t keep my lights on this low bookcase, as they look so beautiful here. Alas, they’d be wrapped around the cat’s paws in no time at all, if she had her way. Do keep away from pets!

If you like the look of these, do check out the amazing range. From wicker stars, to fancy hearts and flowers, there are plenty to choose from for every occasion. They’d look lovely placed around table displays at weddings, for example.  Or beautiful little cartoon characters and fairies for a child’s room.

The 5m string of Rustic Ambient Balls (and all other colours) costs just £26.50. I think this is fantastic value for such a high quality, ethically made product, that will give you so much joy. They can be used in so many ways – just take a look at the website for ideas! Also, all lights come with a 1 year electronic guarantee and technical support.

This product was provided to me free of charge from the company in order to review it. However, the opinions expressed in this review are independent and my own.

Thanks for reading – have a wonderful day!


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