Random Beauty… Apply with EcoTools for a flawless look!

I wasn’t really surprised when I found out that EcoTools is the brainchild of Alicia Silverstone. World famous actress and author of ‘The Kind Life’, Alicia Silverstone is a green and eco-friendly guru and an inspiration to many, including myself.

EcoTools are available everywhere, yet they are far from your every day product. Fairly made in China, with high labour standards, 100% vegan and with a purse friendly price tag; EcoTools brushes are a must for any conscious consumer, and make-up lover alike.


Here’s the 5 Piece Fresh & Flawless Complexion Set I was sent to try, from MyPure. With soft, cruelty free brushes and light, sustainable bamboo, they are the perfect accompaniment to my make-up collection. I love the brush designs, so pretty and unusual. So, do their practical credentials live up to their eco-perfection?

Well, yes! Quite simply. They live up to my expectations, and more! Probably the best brushes I’ve ever used. My make-up artist step-daughter agrees with me too, and she’s a perfectionist!

The concealer brush is perfectly sized for targeting smaller areas – I used a powder concealer and found it was really easy to apply and blend. No clinging to the brush, or smearing around.


Next up, foundation! The buffing brush is for camouflaging problem areas. I never thought of doing this with foundation. It’s always just concealer. Wow, what a difference! I especially liked it for applying extra coverage under the eye. I then used the two brushes in the image above to create a base, and then blend in foundation. Once again, I’m using powder, but this would work just as well with creams or liquid. I’ve never used so many brushes for one make-up application, and it sounds complicated, but it’s actually not, and the look is worth it. Really flawless and even looking. No patches, like you can get with a simple kabuki brush.


Finally I apply a touch of blusher, with a simple sweep of the full powder brush. It’s great for applying any finishing powders too.

I am absolutely in love with these brushes – they are soft, gentle on the skin and make it so easy to apply make-up. You don’t have to use the whole set every time if you’re in a hurry, just pick the brushes that work best for you. Whatever you choose, you’ll get a great look.

This set of brushes and the others in the EcoTools range are available to buy on the MyPure website. I’ve just noticed that they have a bit of a discount on EcoTools at the minute, so snap them up. They’d make a great stocking filler for Christmas too!

These products were sent to me to try by MyPure. All opinions are my own.

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