Random Health… Yoga & Relaxation – The OM Yoga Show London, 2014.

Spontaneous yoga everywhere! Well, that’s what it looked like, anyway. Over the weekend, Olympia was transformed into a paradise for yoga lovers. Workshops a plenty, covering everything from restorative yoga to handstands, for the very brave (not  me)! And lots of opportunities to meditate and get a few moments to yourself. Not to forget the chance to stock up on all your yoga and well-being essentials.


This image shows just a snapshot of one of the many open classes – these were free to attend (though you need to get there in plenty of time) and covered such a wide variety of yoga styles. I didn’t do any yoga myself, as I didn’t have enough time, but I’ll definitely leave enough time next year, as there were so many choices and I really wanted to get involved!

What I did manage to do was attend some of the mediation/relaxation talks in the calm and peaceful ‘Tree of Mediation Area‘. I learned how to mediate and switch off with open eyes – I know this will come in useful on the tube in the morning rush hour! Despite all of the business and hum of chatter around the exhibition centre, I still found it possible to follow the exercises and I walked out after two sessions in a row feeling rather spaced out!


One of my highlights of the day was discovering Sakia Fraser‘s raw food creations. I tasted a chocolate mousse, a thai curry and a raspberry cheesecake. All raw. And guess what?  It surprised me how easy they were to create, and with simple ingredients. No fuss. No complicated stuff you can’t find in the shops. I rarely buy cookery books, but this one was a must have (Raw Freedom), and I even got it signed! Thanks Saskia, you’ve removed the mystery of raw food!


So, spaced out and filled with raw food delights, I carried on for a little shopping. There were so many lovely stalls filled with teas, candles and healthy supplements. Not to mention yoga clothes – too many to mention! Besides a yoga block and strap to help me with those challenging stretches, I came across a gorgeous Ayurvedic herbal tea.


Made by Ayurveda Pura (close to me in North Greenwich, amazingly), Refresh Tea is apparently very popular with yogis. It helps with excess stress and heat, detoxifying the mind and body. Sounds great. I’m really interested to find out more about how it balances the Pitta Dosha, and exactly how Ayurvedic medicine works. I’ll be back to tell you more. In the mean time, you can read a bit on their website, here.

Lastly, here’s the traditional photo of my show stash! Very small – today was more about the experience, and I’m already counting down the days to next year when I’m going to embrace the yoga workshops to the full!


Thank you to everyone who organised the OM Yoga Show, it was a fantastic experience and one which I could do with more often! If you’ve never been before, or don’t practice yoga much, do consider going next year. It’s a wonderful experience for mind and body.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful week!


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