Random Fun Stuff… Halloween Treats for Good Little Ghouls & Boys!

It’s that time of year again, when you have a stash of chocolate and sweet treats to dish out to anyone brave enough to knock your door. Aah, Trick or Treaters don’t you love ’em? Well, as you’re doing the shop this week, why not spare an extra thought for those who make our goodies, and make sure they’re not getting tricked. There are numerous ethical brands out there. Some are your every day brands, and others are rather special. I’ll share a few of my favourites with you later in the post, but first, let me tell you about the farmers who make our cocoa.

Meet Adrien Koffi Kouadio!


If you click the image above, you’ll be taken to a wonderful video, to get to find out more about the man behind your chocolate. Adrien owns a Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa farm in Paul Kru, Côte d’Ivoire. Through training and support of the Rainforest Alliance, Adrien has been able to secure the future of his farm and family, as well as maintaining sustainable farming practices. Without your help buying Rainforest Alliance certified products, Adrien may not have been able to afford to feed his family, let alone flourish in life.

Meet Mariano Manzuela!


Mariano Manzuela, is a member of a Fairtrade Cooperative in the Dominican Republic. For him, Fair trade means that four of his children attend secondary school, he has been able to repair and extend his family home and new classrooms are being built, in his village. There is hope for Mariano’s family, where there may have only been heartache and hunger.

Whether you’re throwing a spooky party, giving little ghostly children treats at the door, or simply enjoying some themed chocolates with your family and friends, here are a selection of goodies for you.

A favourite with the kids, why not try some Mini Moos from Moo Free? Deliciously gluten free, vegan, organic and made in the UK from fair trade ingredients. These lovely little bars are just the right size for handing out to little monsters at Halloween!


How about some gorgeous chocolate from Divine? Available in most supermarkets, and 45% owned by the cocoa farmers themselves. These minis are great for treats, but you can always buy yourself a large bar!


Perhaps you’re looking for some single wrapped hard sweets? You can’t get simpler than Buchanan’s Fair Trade Calypso Fruits. Made in Scotland too, perfect.


If you’re making cakes for a party, remember to select Fairtrade or RainForest Alliance certified ingredients. My favourite cocoa powder, for yummy chocolate cakes is this one from Divine.


Before you know it, you could have baked your way to these creepy cupcakes…

Viva! Vegan Recipe Club

Hotel Chocolat are not to be forgotten. Treats, well indeed! And they have a wonderful ‘Engaged Ethics’ programme for their cocoa farmers. Just take a look at these critters!


Or maybe you just want to grab yourself a hot cocoa, a bar of lush chocolate from The Raw Chocolate Company, turn all the lights out and pretend you’re not home! With wonderful flavour inventions, you’re certain to find something that chases the demons away!


These hot chocolate spoons from Cocoa Loco are rather decadent, but you deserve it!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my selection of creepy treats. Whatever you’re doing for Halloween, be safe, have fun and always be mindful!

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