Random Awareness… World Stroke Day 2014

Did you know, that 1 in 6 people worldwide will have a stroke in their lifetime?

It can happen anywhere, and just by knowing the signs and what to do, you could help to save someone’s life. This simple graphic from the American Recall Center, shows you the signs to look out for. Just remember to call 999 if you’re in the UK!


This year, the World Stroke Organisation are highlighting the impact of stroke on women. Many of the major risk factors occur more frequently in women; including diabetes, migraines, depression, hormone changes and birth control pills.

Interestingly enough, despite being more aware of stroke signs and treatments, women are often the ones to delay going to the hospital after stroke onset. Yet three times as many women die of stroke, compared to breast cancer in the UK.

Join the World Stroke Organisation in their campaign to raise awareness and the importance of acting quickly, by educating yourself with specific information, preventative practices and more, by visiting their website.


Of course, it’s very important to remember that stroke does not discriminate, it affects both men and women.

Learn the signs and share with others. Please share this post on Facebook and Twitter. Let’s get everyone aware!

To make a donation to the Stroke Association UK, simply text the word 3MORE to 70300 and help support stroke survivors conquer stroke.

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