Random Causes… Giving Tuesday

A global event, new to the UK this year, Giving Tuesday is the chance to give back, after spending and splurging on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Did you save any of your budget this weekend? Did you cut back on what you purchased and only buy what you needed? Perhaps you resisted the urge to spend any money at all. Either way, why not give a little to your favourite cause or charity? Or, if you’ve made some new purchases, give some of your unused items to a local charity store.

The idea behind Giving Tuesday is really very simple. It’s all about encouraging people, charities and businesses to donate their time, money or voices to helping a good cause. So even if you can’t give away items, or spare any cash, you can spread the word of giving through your friends and family, as well as social media.


It doesn’t have to be a huge thing. Anyone can do it. Give a few minutes of your time to help someone carry their shopping, or sharing your professional skills/knowledge with someone who needs it.

Today I want to highlight the wonderful work of Shelter, both throughout the year and at Christmas. I’m a regular supporter of Shelter, through monthly donations. One of the reasons I give my support, is that you can really see the difference made by their campaigns. Shelter help over a million people a year, from issues of bad housing to homelessness. Their campaigns really carry a lot of weight, and they’ve recently had Sarah’s Bill approved by government, to put an end to retaliatory eviction in the private rental sector.

Shelter need our support to continue these important campaigns, to help offer practical advice to those who need it, and to train people working in the housing sector.


90,000 children in Britain will be homeless this Christmas. With our support, Shelter can continue their work to offer advice to families, help with mortgage arrears and help to find the homeless somewhere warm to sleep.

You can get involved with fundraising or donations in any number of ways. From buying in your local Shelter charity shop, to having your own charity bake-off, or volunteering your time for a charity.  Perhaps you can send one of Shelter’s e-cards and raise some awareness. Click here for other ideas, or simply to make a donation.


To make a £3 text donation, text SHELTER to 70060

So, please if you see a Shelter (or indeed any other) charity fundraiser on the street, give them a smile and the time of day. They need to be out there, speaking to people and raising awareness. Without them, the charity can’t continue and millions will go on suffering and with no home this Christmas.

If you can’t donate, please share this post with your family and friends, and spread some kindness today.  Giving comes in many forms.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful Giving Tuesday!

I have not been asked to write this post for Shelter, or Giving Tuesday. All views are my own.

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