Random Health & Beauty… Oil of the Gods – Tamanu

 I love oils of all kinds, and was delighted when I was sent a bottle of Fushi Tamanu Oil to try out. I’d never heard of it – so discovering something completely new. Lots of research later and I was even more excited – it looked as though I’d been sent a bottle of pure healing magic!

Often referred to as the ‘oil of the Gods’, this really should be a staple in every bathroom cupboard! It’s a natural nut oil, extracted from the cured kernels of the Tamanu Tree, and it’s a wonderful healing oil for a wide range of skin conditions.


If you’re having trouble treating any skin condition – from stretch marks to acne – it’s suggested that you try Tamanu. With its anti-septic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s well worth a try. It’s rich in vitamin E and is supposed to be good to slow the signs of ageing too.

Over several weeks, I’ve been trying it out for many things, and I’d like to share some of these with you.

1) Spot Treatment – applying a little to trouble spots on the face, as and when required, usually in the evening before bed. I was amazed at the accelerated healing process – what usually took up to a week, was only taking 2-3 days and the redness subsided within hours!

2) Oil Cleansing – using oil to cleanse your skin and remove make-up. Yes, even for oily skin. This works on the principle that ‘like dissolves like’ and the oil will dissolve away the grime and dirt of the day.


The Roman’s are no stranger to this method – they used to cover themselves in a pumice and ash, then a liberal layer of olive oil. It would all be scraped off with a metal strigil, and followed by a warm soak.

Now, I don’t have any fancy metal scraping contraptions in my bathroom – I simply used to a blend of Ayurvedic oils (from Ayurveda Pura) and Tamanu oil on a pad and used it to wipe off my make-up in the same way as if there were cleanser on there.


I found it surprisingly relaxing and effective. The make-up almost slid off, and it was very gentle on the eye-lid area (definitely better than any other cleanser, which can cause irritation and redness in my experience). I think the best thing of all was the lack of drying and harshness felt afterwards. My skin didn’t need any moisturiser, but it didn’t feel like an oil slick either.

Since using the combination of this cleansing method a few times a week, and applying to individual spots, my overall facial skin condition has been much improved, and feels nourished and soft.

3) Hand Softener – Great for the cold weather we’re having now. If I get any cracks or really dry patches from the cold weather, I apply the oil at night and by the morning, my hands are really soft and the cracks are lessened and starting to heal. It’s instantly soothing when applied to sore patches on the back of hands too. The handy thing is, even after washing hands throughout the day, my hands don’t feel as dried out and I can still feel the moisture of the oil remaining.

4) Chapped Lips – leading straight on from dry, rough hands, chapped lips are another common experience in winter. I often find that lip balm just isn’t enough, but just a few applications of tamanu oil over an evening, and overnight leaves my lifts soft and feeling as though they’ve been ex-foliated. Perfect.

5) Rosacea/Ezcema – My husband has been trying it on his rosacea, and it’s helping for short periods of time – relieving the itching and redness for up to 48 hours, roughly. I think his skin needs some internal treatment too, but it’s definitely a good soother if you want to avoid a chemical based cream. It may also take longer to properly heal, so it will be interesting to see the progress over time.

I absolutely love this oil, and I can’t believe I wasn’t aware of it before. It’s definitely going to be a must have from now on!

Thanks for reading – if you want to find out more about Fushi’s ethical sourcing and eco-friendly credentials, or take a look at their great range of products, you can visit their site here.

Fushi supports Tree Aid


I was sent this product free of charge, for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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