Random Health – Keep Calm & Relax

There’s definitely an aromatherapy theme going on this week, as I’ve got another gorgeous oil blend to share with you. This one is for promoting relaxation and peace of mind. It therefore has some similar oils in to the balancing blend, but is more focussed on relieving tension and anxiety.


I was sent this lovely little bottle of stress-busting goodness from MyPure (all opinions are my own), and it’s been a wonderful experience. As with the balancing oil, I’ve been using it in my oil burner for short periods during the evening – it really helps your mind to shut off. And I’ve also found it perfect for the bath (diluted in some sweet almond oil first).

Before I tell you a bit about the oils within the blend, I’d just like to share a lovely little image that shows you just how aromatherapy works (from a scientific view). When breathed in, the oils are picked up by receptors in the olfactory nerve. They are rapidly transported into the brain, where they trigger the release of endorphins, antibodies and neurotransmitters. That’s why the effect of essential oils can be noticed so quickly!


Now onto the oils and how they each work to calm you down and help you get yourself back! As with the balancing oil, this blend also contains lavandin and tangerine, which are wonderful oils for releasing stress, tension and anxiety. The other oils are listed below:

Sweet Orange – An absolute master oil, with such a wide range of properties, from anti-depressant to anti-inflammatory. In this oil, it has been added to help create a happy, relaxed feeling and bring good memories to mind. Perfect for chronic depression or anxiety.

Clary Sage – This oil is often used for the sedation of tense nerves, and to bring about a feeling of calm. It helps ease headaches, and helps to fight depression where there is a feeling of failure.

Neroli – This wonderful oil can help to drive away sadness, and invoke feelings of joy. It also acts as a mild sedative, so helps to calm the mind and relieve the body of tensions.

As you can see, this oil is a pretty powerful depression buster. So, if you’re suffering from a bout of the blues, or you’ve just had a hard day, this is the oil for you. I absolutely love it – and it’s the perfect oil for a massage blend,  if you have tense shoulders (or any other sore muscles).

Usually £12, there’s a 10% discount on MyPure at the moment, so why not give it a try?

Thanks for reading! Have a relaxing weekend!


I was sent this product free of charge, for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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