Random Causes… Does Your Bank Have a Secret?… Stop Financing Extinction!

You opened a bank account. You thought it was just there for you to store your money safely. But your bank has a secret – it’s probably using your hard earned cash to fund something you don’t agree with. Something which you actively try to avoid supporting in your daily life. Something which has an affect on every single one of us, and on future generations. Deforestation. Climate Change. Extinction.

Picture: Greenpeace

Saving the Rainforests is hardly a new cause. I practically grew up with the campaigns. And Climate Change is a serious issue that’s being discussed and debated every single day. So why, despite this, do big banks still insist on putting profit first?

Santander have been caught out this week. They’ve been trying to hide the huge loans made to APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Limited), who are digging up and destroying the remaining acres of Indonesia’s Rainforests, and all  in the name of cheap paper and packaging.

Deforestation for Pulp & Paper in Riau
Picture: Greenpeace

Santander is financing extinction. Pushing orangutans, tigers and sun bears to the edge. Exacerbating climate change. Despite its claims of being an ethical bank. If Santander were to stop bank-rolling APRIL, perhaps they’d have to think twice about their practices.

Are you a customer of Santander? Don’t sit back and watch this happen. Speak up for what happens with your money. Every single one of us has the power to change the world, and it can start here!

Click here to SIGN THE PETITION and tell Santander to Stop Financing Extinction.

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