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I came across this gorgeous little campaign from The Climate Coalition called ‘Show the Love’.

This was designed for Valentine’s Day, but now it’s being taken to parliament for a day of action on 17th June 2015. This is your chance to join in, and to tell your MP what you love and what you will miss if climate change takes it away.

The Climate Coalition want to make sure that the government and big business know that the public cares about climate change and expects them to make Paris a pivotal moment in tackling it. The campaign aims to show politicians who are embarking on a general election campaign that tackling climate change is important to us because it will affect the things we love most, like our lifestyles, our children’s futures, our hobbies, passions, safety and well-being.


Stephen Fry “Climate change is already happening yet not a lot is going on when it comes to doing something about it. When you think about losing what you love because of climate change, it’s a no-brainer to want to see things change for good.”

Ridley Scott Associates (RSA) has created a 101 sec film as part of the Show the Love campaign for Valentine’s Day.

Directed by Stuart Rideout the film features many celebrities and business people, including Stephen Fry, Deborah Meaden, Dermot O’Leary, Meera Syal, Raymond Blanc, Jarvis Cocker and Emilia Fox; who come together to recite a classic poem – Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 – ‘Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?’


The film ends with a strong message for the public to join a call for action on climate change. Share the film and show the love.

You can also show the love by making your own green heart, and share what you care about on social media (#forthelove)! Whether it’s Polar Bears or people overseas, coffee or the English coastline, join in and show the world what you’ll miss if it’s lost to climate change.

Image by Monsoon of Random

I’ve made my green heart for the love of animals. So many of the world’s threatened species live in areas which are affected by climate change. Increased sea levels and forest fires may reduce the habitat of the tiger even further; snow leopards are being forced higher up mountains by melting snow and Antarctic penguins are already losing their much needed ice.


Use of animals for food and farming is also contributing negatively to the health of the planet and the climate. Raising animals to eat produces more greenhouse gases than that produced from all transport options combined. Following a vegan diet will help to save our planet for future generations.

So, tell your MP what you love and ask them to do more. 

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!

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