Random Causes… Happiness Makes The World Go Round!

It’s good to be happy. Do you know why? Because it’s infectious, it makes others happy, and people who are happy do nice things for others. Do you see where I’m going with this? So, not just today, on International Day of Happiness, but each and every day, try to do something nice for others, take a more positive approach to life, look after yourself, set yourself goals to look forward to, and most of all – be grateful for the wonderful things in your life that make you happy.


I’m going to share just a few things that make me happy. It’s great to write them down and be thankful for these things, as realising what great things you have in your life will make you happier immediately!

1) My Cat – Without Kitty, I wouldn’t spend most mornings making up daft songs about her and her daft behaviour (noises, running around, high jumps, you name it, she does it). It certainly makes that usually grumpy Monday morning much easier to handle, and singing is good for the soul too!


I’d also wouldn’t arrive home to a very vocal welcome and demands of attention and fuss, demonstrated from the collapse on the floor pose! Well, I wouldn’t rule out my husband exhibiting this strange behaviour, but it hasn’t happened to date!


Which leads me on to:

2) My Husband – Just as crazy and entertaining as the cat, but also there for me at all times. Always there to talk, to support, and to binge-watch TV series with.

- Martin Treanor -

Martin is also an author of fantastical fiction, and I love to read. So I’m never without a good story. Living with an author comes with a whole plethora of experiences and strangeness, and no two days are ever the same!


3) Being Vegan – Although I haven’t always followed a vegan lifestyle, I’ve always been a lover of animals and against cruelty to these fellow beings who share our world. It was therefore a natural progression for me to adopt this lifestyle – after seeing the cruelty in the various industries – and I couldn’t be happier for it.


For me, personally, it makes me happy knowing that I’m not causing any animal to suffer by living my daily life.

4) Compassion Towards Others – As well as wanting to make sure that I’m not causing suffering to animals when living my life, I also like to avoid causing fellow human beings any pain or hurt. I do this by purchasing Fair Trade and ethically sourced clothes, food and other products.

I want to be sure that someone has worked their fingers to the bone, or been subject to poor working conditions in a sweat shop, just so I can wear a funky pair of shoes or a nice dress.


Knowing that I am doing the very best I can to avoid suffering on all scales, plays a large part in my happiness. And I know that others are happier because of it. Fair Trade gives multitudes of people across the world a better quality of life, and therefore increases their happiness.

5) Experiencing Life to the Full – I feel very lucky to live in London, where there is always something new to do and experience. Rather than try to find happiness in items or material things, I love to take life in both hands and get out into the world. Whether it’s a play, a concert, an afternoon coffee, or a walk in Greenwich Park, I believe that life is there to be lived. Having a mind full of memories and experiences makes me feel fulfilled and content in life.


Buy fewer things and do more stuff – that’s my latest mantra!

So, my suggestion to you today, is write a list like mine. It doesn’t have to be 5 things, it can be more or less. Just write down what makes you happy, and you’ll be grinning like a Cheshire Cat before you know it.


Thank you for reading! Please share your happiness with me by commenting on this post about what makes you happy.


And spread a little happiness with the world this weekend. Smile at a stranger, help someone down the stairs, give someone your seat on the bus/train.

Let’s make the world a happier place! Have a happy weekend everyone!

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