Explore Asian.. Delicious Black Bean Spaghetti!

I always love my monthly food boxes, as it gives me a chance to try products I didn’t know about, or ones which I maybe hadn’t thought of giving a go. Thanks to Flow Box, I made one of the best discoveries this month – Explore Asian Organic Black Bean Spaghetti!


I opened my lovely box, and found this new delight staring up at me. And the biggest thing I noticed was the huge writing on the front telling me that there were a whopping 88 grams of protein in this one bag – that’s around 25 grams per serving. Amazing!

It looked so tasty in the packet, and it didn’t take my husband long to rustle up a delicious Chinese tofu stir-fry with it. I knew it was going to taste good, but I never expected it to be quite so delicious. Bursting with flavour, perfectly al-dente and no stickiness. It’s hard to believe it’s made purely from black beans and water! Quite simply the best thing to go with almost anything – definitely a substitute for all future pasta dishes in our household! And great for anyone avoiding wheat/gluten.


I immediately did my research, and was delighted to find that Ocado stock it, as well as several online retailers! Yay! They also have lots of other types of bean pasta – I’ll definitely be working my way through each and every one!

Now, for those of you who want to see what else was in my Maxi Vegan Flow Box this month, here’s the goodness in picture form – a box full of treats, many of which are destined to become kitchen staples (especially the new flavoured Oatly drink – yum)!


You can get your own Flow Box delivered to your door, from just £9.95 per month!

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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