Random Health… Goodness Discounted!

London Health Week is here, and with the pace of London living it can be easy to let your health go. So, starting at £10 you can kick start your health regime, grab a wristband and make the healthier option more appealing. With huge discounts and offers, from food and juice to intensive workouts and yoga classes, there’s something for every single one of us – even those with a lacking motivation!

 So far this week, I’ve collected my fantastic goody bag and had the opportunity to try the refreshing one-day cleanse from Supernatural.


 Unfortunately, not everything in the goody bag was vegan, so my lucky friends got a few freebies! The juice cleanse was great, although I have to confess, being new to juice cleanses and the concept of not consuming solid foods for a day, I had to give in to eating some fresh fruit in the afternoon and a light salad in the evening.

The juices from Supernatural were absolutely lush – I especially loved the carrot and ginger one. Even though I didn’t stick 100% to the general cleansing ‘guidelines’ I definitely felt better and had more energy during the day – I just had to fight off that grumbling stomach!


So, what are my plans for the rest of London Health Week? Well, I’m signing up for the one month free subscription to Movement for Modern Life. This will supplement my weekly yoga class nicely (Yoga in Greenwich) and it will be great to try out some restorative yoga after long days at work.

On Thursday I will be attending the event Allergies vs. Intolerances, hosted by Raw Skin Food – and I’m particularly looking forward to learning how to build up my immune system through diet.


In between, I’ll be trying to grab myself some discounts on juices and lunches around the place, and I’ll be on a health extravaganza on Friday evening, visiting Neal’s Yard in Covent Garden for my 20% indulgent discount and having a nourishing meal at the Wild Food Cafe with my hubby. The special dish sounds absolutely divine and I just saw a picture of their raw, gluten free and sugar free cakes posted this morning and I’m so ready for some tasty goodness!


If this has tempted you, there are still tickets available – you can pick them up in several locations around London and be a part of this fantastic health movement! 20% of all profits will also be going to Action Against Hunger. What a great cause!


Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic week!

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