Practice Yoga Anywhere & Anytime with Movement for Modern Life

Thanks to my London Health Week wristband, I was given a generous month free subscription to Movement for Modern Life. In a nutshell, this is access to yoga classes, anywhere and at any time. From 15 minutes to 1 hour classes, from reviving, restorative moves to energetic Vinyasa Flow. If you’re a yoga novice or a flexible guru. If you’re at work, in your living room or in a hotel room. This really is yoga for the modern way of life. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have internet access you’re good to go. Fancy a 14 day FREE TRIAL?

Being someone who goes to a weekly yoga class, it’s slightly embarrassing for me to admit that I still sometimes end up with the most awful posture while sitting at my desk at work.  I was therefore delighted to come across a lovely 16 minute video called ‘Stretch at Your Desk’ by Kate Walker. With gentle stretches based around the chair, this sequence opened up my side, released tightness from my hips and shoulders and eased the general stiffness and awkwardness from sitting on a chair all morning.


I’ve only had a few days of my subscription so far, and haven’t completed many classes yet, but I’ve had a good look around and I’m totally impressed. There are so many videos and types of class to choose from! You can choose from style, level, the benefits you’re looking for from the practice, and the time of duration. So, if you’re looking for a short practice of 10 minutes or less to help you relieve stress/anxiety, just a few clicks will reveal around a dozen choices!


There are even guided meditation and relaxation videos – along with some lovely restorative sequences. I’m feeling quite tired after a long week and I’m looking forward to getting into some of those.

A monthly subscription to Movement for Modern Life starts at £15.99 – less than one yoga class in Central London! If you sign up for an annual membership, that cost goes down to just £10.99 a month – for unlimited yoga classes. I think that’s amazing value for money! Even better, if you sign up through my link you can save a huge 50% on whatever option you go for.


If you join now, there’s also a wonderful 7-day Online Cellular Renewal Retreat, in combination with Better Raw. This will be available to new members for £37 – you can sign up while on your trial too. With a 7-day raw food plan, guided meditation and yoga practice, plus health and well-being advice from experts in their fields, this is too good an opportunity to miss. I’ll be taking part in this wonderful opportunity, and sharing my experiences with you. I’ll be documenting my experiences of being on a ‘retreat’ whilst working full time.


I’m so excited to start my week of gentle detox, relaxation and yoga. And to continue delving into the pool of wonderful yoga videos available to me for the next month. I’ll continue to update you all the way through!

We all need a little yoga in our lives – it’s good for stretching out and releasing the tensions and strains of modern life.

Thanks to London Health Week and Movement for Modern Life for giving me the chance to share in these experiences.

Have a wonderful weekend! Keep Moving!

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