Lively & Uplifting Scented Candles

Lovely smells can really affect our moods and feelings. That’s the basis of aromatherapy and one of the reasons that scented candles are so popular. Smells are always used to mask bad odours – more often they are used to create an atmosphere. Lavender can help you to relax, orange can uplift and revive. I love diffusing a range of oils, and I also love a scented candle. Thanks go out to MyPure for my discovery of the amazing range from Isle of Wolf.


Isle of Wolf are a small company, hand-making candles from 100% pure plant wax and natural essential oils. Soy wax candles won’t pollute the air in your home, like paraffin wax does. This is very important for all of us, but particularly for anyone with asthma or respiratory problems. They also burn 50% longer than a similar sized paraffin wax candle.

 I’m always choosing relaxing smells for the living room, so I decided to go with the vibrant Hibiskus Orangery – described as a lively and uplifting mix of hibiscus fruits, blood orange, mandarin and pomegranate. This combination of scents should encourage a feeling of joy and happiness.

The candle is beautifully boxed and comes with its own little coaster on the base – so it won’t damage your surfaces with heat or scratching. And the smell when I opened the box – wow! Just divine. I could even smell it from across the room before lighting it – and this was a good thing. None of those eye-watering chemical smells, just the scent of pure, natural oils.

The smell when lit spreads around the room really quickly and fills the air with a sweetness of orange. It’s definitely uplifting and is really good for keeping up your energy after a long day.


There are loads of amazing scents – and I intend to work my way through each and every one. At £20 they seem quite expensive, but they burn for twice as long as a regular candle and they smell more than twice as good! So definitely worth it in my opinion!

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful week!

MyPure sent me this product free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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