Brushing Your Way To A Better Planet!

I’ve written several posts about saving waste with reusable products, cutting down on plastic usage and generally choosing more environmentally friendly options wherever you possibly can. But how much thought do we give to our toothbrushes? Consider that we’re advised to change our toothbrush every 3/4 months – that’s at least 3 toothbrushes a year that get thrown into landfill. That’s over 200 toothbrushes a person uses in their lifetime. Wow! Gets you thinking, right? There must be a better way! Well, there are a couple of ways actually!

Before discovering biodegradable bamboo brushes (more of those in a little bit) I’d been using the Monte Bianco brand pictured below:


Yes, they are made of plastic, but the heads click off and that’s the only bit you replace. Buy one toothbrush and then simply replace the head every 3 months. This therefore reduces the amount thrown into landfill. Just be very careful with this brand and only buy the NYLON brush heads – the natural ones are made of boar hair and not at all vegan, or necessary!

And then, thanks to aFineChoice I discovered the Hydro Phil!


A completely sustainable toothbrush, made entirely from bamboo and biodegradable nylon. Yes, it will completely break down. Granted, it make take some time, but it will be less than the 500 odd years it takes for plastic! Bamboo is also natural anti-bacterial, which makes it a great choice for a product which you put in your mouth.

I really love the Hydro Phil brush – it takes a little while getting used to the sensation the bamboo against your mouth, rather than the plastic. Yet this is all just a matter of adjustment. It cleans well and the bristles are nice and flexible. It’s just £3.99 from aFineChoice and there are kids ones available too.

So, the choice is yours. Buy one brush, replace the heads and heavily reduce your plastic waste. Or, stop buying plastic all together and only throw away completely biodegradable material. I’m already sold on the bamboo option – but either way you’ll be doing the environment a huge favour!


Thanks for reading – have a wonderful day!

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