World Hunger Day – Going Vegan saves People too!

795 million people around the world are undernourished and exist on less than £1 per day. World Hunger Day aims to raise awareness of this situation. To help those in need, and to celebrate those who are already working towards ending their own hunger and improving their quality of life.


What can we do?

Well, you can take the ‘Live Below the Line Challenge‘ – living on £1 per day for 5 days, to raise money and awareness.

For an even bigger, long term impact, you could seriously reduce your meat intake (try Meat Free Mondays) or better still, consider taking up a vegan diet. I’ll always advocate going 100% vegan, as I am vegan myself. Going vegan doesn’t just help animals, it helps people too.

We already produce enough food in the world, yet a huge 40% of corn and 67% of soy is used to feed farmed animals, in the US alone. Just think of how much that is across the world! It’s absolutely crazy and I really think that the world population cannot be sustained unless meat consumption is seriously reduced or stopped altogether. We don’t need meat to survive – there are plenty of non-animal sources of protein and vital nutrients.


It takes 13 pounds of grain to produce just 1 pound of meat. Imagine if people were to eat the grain instead – a whole village could be fed, instead of just one family.


Using an acre of land to raise cattle for slaughter yields only 20 pounds of meat. The same land would grow 365 pounds of protein rich soya beans.


Meat production is a highly inefficient way to make protein, and puts a huge strain on the planet too. There’s plenty of protein available in vegan food, and plenty of reasons to choose vegan!

For the planet and all inhabitants (animal and human) consider going vegan!


Opinions are my own. Thanks to The World Hunger Project, and to Peta for the amazing statistics.

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