Get the Glow with Madara Tinting Fluid

I’m a fan of the natural look, yet sometimes my skin needs a little help. From evening out my skin tone, to taking away that washed-out look, to covering the odd blemish. I was therefore very interested to try out this Rose Beige Tinting Fluid from Madara, sent to me by MyPure.


Madara offer a wonderful range of entirely natural and ecological cosmetics. In 2014, they won the award for Best Organic Range at the Natural Health Beauty Awards.  They even offer an amazing 28 day satisfaction guarantee – you don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund! Now, you can’t argue with that!


To be honest, I’d doubt there would be too many people needing to take them up on the return offer, as this product is fantastic!

As you would expect from a tinting fluid, it doesn’t provide a huge level of coverage (definitely just a tint). If you have any blemishes you want to cover fully, you may need to use a little powder foundation or concealer. It’s absolutely fantastic for smoothing the skin. It makes my skin feel silky and soft. For certain occasions, I still like to use a little mineral powder over it. It’s wonderful base for this, and I’ve found that my make-up glides on much better and I don’t need to use as much.

If I want to pop out for a short while without doing make-up, it’s great for taking away the pasty look! Oh, and it definitely ticks the box for skin illumination! It gives a lovely, natural glow, and I think my skin slightly sparkles when applied. It’s a dewy, healthy sparkle though, nothing crazy or ‘fairy-dust’ style!

Active Ingredients

When first squeezing the fluid onto my fingers, I thought it looked quite a dark colour. However it totally blends into natural skin tone – no foundation lines or patches of colour., giving a really natural look.

I’ve found that this fluid enhances your skin, rather than covering. If you want a strong foundation, or complete full coverage, this is not for you. For a natural look, where you’ll have healthy, glowing skin and no-one will even know you’re wearing any make-up, this is your product!

The Northern rose hip extract and natural pigments make this a great source of hydration for the skin – it’s a truly wonderful moisturiser and it skins in really well. I’ve got oily skin and it actually seems to balance it out.

An absolutely fantastic product – totally natural, organic and vegan. You only needed a little bit each time, so it’s great value too! Highly recommended by me!

Thanks for reading – have an absolutely wonderful weekend!

This product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes my MyPure. All opinions are my own.

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