Travel… It’s Easy Being a Vegan in Berlin

Going on holiday as a vegan shouldn’t be difficult, or an experience which has you wishing for home and your fridge stacked full of goodies. Well, I can assure you that if you visit Berlin, you’ll feel like you’re in a vegan wonderland! It’s a treasure trove of delights and you probably won’t have time to visit them all!

We had a short holiday in Berlin just before Christmas last year – three lovely days of scoffing ourselves full to bursting with gorgeous vegan food! I thought it was about time I shared the lovely places we came across!

Sun Day Burgers

This was the first place we visited to eat on arriving in Berlin. Tucked inside a pretty little market hall on Eisenbahnstraße, it was a treasure trove of gluten free, vegan and raw offerings. Both myself and my hubby fancied the burgers, but unfortunately they’d run out of gluten free buns on that day. Instead, they offered me the contents of the burger in a large bowl, with salad and yummy sauce. Oh my! I wasn’t disappointed. I could have shared a picture of my husband’s burger with you, but he starting scoffing it before I even got my camera out!


The drink is a lovely winter blend of orange juice, apple juice and spices. It was a rather cold day, and this was absolutely lush. We’d spotted a huge case of raw cakes when we ordered our main courses and they had to be tasted of course! It would have been rude not to!


Besides the absolutely divine tasting food, and lovely friendly people, one of my favourite parts was being served with real cutlery and a crockery bowl, despite it being a market setting. The trust factor was there that you would bring them back, and of course, it then it also saves waste! This place just couldn’t get any better! I think it only cost us about 20 Euro for all of the food and drink here, which I think is a bargain!

FBI Eatery


Our first full day in Berlin, and we’d been doing some sight-seeing. We’d just come from seeing Checkpoint Charlie and viewing the remaining bits of the Berlin Wall, and we were heading along towards Potsdamer Platz. We didn’t even realise we were ready for lunch, until I spotted, in huge print in the windows next to us, ‘VEGAN’ ‘GLUTEN FREE’. Wow! Is it sad that I was so excited, I ran in without even checking the menu?


It was really handy for us that everything inside was written in English as well as German, and the staff were lovely helping us. The menu was packed full of curry dishes, tofu, rice and noodles, wraps, and even vegan dessert options. Everything vegan and gluten free was clearly marked. No confusion. Not only that; the restaurant didn’t use any additives, chemicals, flavour enhancers or preservatives. I could really get used to eating in Berlin!


We walked so much that afternoon, and we were ready for another feast for dinner. We stumbled across a rather fancy looking vegetarian restaurant, with lots of raw vegan dishes on the menu and decided to treat ourselves.

Bistro Bardot

BerlinBistroBardot1 BerlinBistroBardot3

Wow! That’s really the best word to truly define this place. Stunning decor, really luxurious yet relaxed atmosphere, lovely staff and the food, well – out of this world!

Just one look at the menu was enough to get us drooling. Not everything was gluten free, but most of the raw dishes were and this is what I had a fancy for.

BerlinBistroBardot4 BerlinBistroBardotMenu

Below is the gorgeous raw courgette spaghetti. The flax crackers were wonderful, and I’d love to recreate this dish at home. So filling, so tasty and you’d hardly know it was so good for you!


The seitan dish my husband had, looked like complete stodge in comparison, but it really wasn’t that heavy at all. And the red cabbage, well I could have eaten a plate of that for dinner and you’d have heard no complaints!


The desserts were on another level altogether. When did you last eat a crème brulee? Yes, well that’s exactly the reaction my hubby had when he saw it on the menu… just take a look!


And as for the practical ‘death by chocolate’ I had presented in front of me – but really, it’s innocent chocolate, avocado mousse and yummy raw chocolate cinnamon balls – oh yum! At around 50 Euro for both of us, it was a luxury that didn’t break the bank!

As if that wasn’t enough, on our last full day, we had a big, blow out combined lunch and dinner in a gorgeous vegetarian Indian restaurant.


There were around 6 pages of a vegetarian menu in this amazing restaurant – practically all of which could be made vegan on request. From dansak to sizzling vegetables, everything was huge and delicious. There was even a vegan option for mutter paneer, and it was fantastic. Highly recommend and great value!


There are so many other wonderful, vegan restaurants in Berlin, but we just didn’t get time to visit them all. There was even an organic supermarket, with loads of vegan food and there’s an entire vegan supermarket (coming to London soon) too! An amazing city to be vegan in – no need to feel like you’re missing out!

Thanks for reading! I’m so sorry if I’ve made you hungry, or given you a desire to jump on a plane! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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