3 Reasons to Love Dee’s Vegan Sausages

I’m going to make this short and sweet and tell you why I think that Dee’s range of vegan sausages are the best on the market.


1) No Nonsense! – Dee is a nutritionist and therefore very conscious of what goes into her products! For those vegans who which to avoid soy, gluten and lots of yucky binders, these are such a refreshing product! Made with pea protein, beans, flax and seaweed, these are so different from any other vegan sausages on the market.

2) Huge Protein Content! – the perfect answer to the ‘Where do you get your protein?’ question, each Dee’s sausage contains a staggering 6.9 grams of protein! Wow! If you share a pack at dinner time, like myself and the hubby, that’s a huge 21 grams towards your daily intake! Pea power!

3) Super Tasty! – Many things that are so good for you don’t always taste good. These are delicious! A great texture and flavour, enhance by the natural seaweed.

The burgers in this range are also fantastic! Dee’s are an Irish brand and can be found in many supermarkets and stores in Ireland. They are also widely available in the UK through Ocado and several Waitrose stores!

Add these to your shopping list today! You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!

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  1. Dee says:

    Thank you for a lovely review 🙂 x

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