Keep Calm & Cleanse with A’kin

It’s so important to look after our skin. It helps to protect us from the outside world, and filters all kinds of products in and out. It’s vital therefore that we only put in our skin what we want it to absorb. Too many products used for cleansing the skin are full of harsh chemicals and toxins which can strip our natural oils and cause inflammation or irritation when absorbed through the many layers of cells.

When looking for a cleanser to remove my make-up and the daily levels of dirt and pollution, I want something effective, that will remove every trace and leave my pores clean and clear, whilst maintaining the natural balance of my skin and not drying it out and leaving it feeling raw. It also goes without saying that it has to cruelty free and vegan.


MyPure kindly sent me a bottle of this gorgeously scented Sandalwood & Neroli Cleansing Gel from A’kin. It’s for normal, combination and oily skin types – a broad range.

Neroli & Sandalwood are lovely oils for facial cleansing. Both are  calming and relaxing – perfect for soothing the skin and centering the mind after a long day. Sandalwood also has cooling properties, and is great for dry, sensitive or inflamed skin. Combine this with the regenerating properties of neroli (keeps skin elastic, preventing the appearance of stretch marks, banishing acne, reducing the appearance of scars, and helping heal broken capillaries), and you have the makings of a miracle cleanser!

I was very impressed with this cleanser. Firstly, the gel formulation means that it foams up easily and you don’t need very much. The only downside is that the bottle it’s in squirts quite a lot more than you need out in one go – so take it easy with the squeezing!

It lathers up nicely and the aromas are fantastic, floating up around you as the warm water releases the scents. My make-up came off really easily and my skin was left feeling cleansed and refreshed, but not at all dry. I still applied a little rose-hip oil afterwards, as with all cleansers, your skin needs to be kept moisturised.

It’s a rather large bottle and you need very little, so I’d say this is great value for money and will last me ages!

No nonsense cleansing! Highly recommended!

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

I received this product free of charge from MyPure for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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