Get A Boost with Solgar Female Multiple

It’s lovely to be able to get all of our nutrients from foods, but even when eating a whole-food, healthy and balanced diet, it’s not always possible. Many foods just don’t have the same levels of goodness in they used to because our soils are often highly depleted.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little back-up. As a vegan, I’m very careful of the vitamins I take, as often they can be derived from animal products or contain animal products in some form.

This lovely multiple from Solgar is designed for us ladies (sorry gents) and I was kindly sent a bottle to try by the lovely people at Real Foods.


These tablets are absolutely packed with goodness. Including calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, zinc, vitamins B, selenium, copper, vitamin D and iodine, to name just a few.  You can view the label with the full ingredients on the Real Foods page.

It’s recommended that you take 3 tablets a day, but I find that 1-2 per day is plenty, unless feeling particularly stressed, tired or run-down. On these days I would take 3. Although they are really large tablets, so make sure you have a big glass of juice/water!

I would recommend splitting this dose up throughout the day – so for example, take one in morning and one in the evening. I’ve found this gives me the maximum benefit and a definite improvement in my energy levels.

I’ve also noticed an improvement in my skin, nails and hair.  A general improvement overall, and considering my adrenal glands are a little burnt out at the moment, they are helping to keep me going at busy times!

A fantastic vegan supplement for women, which is a great all rounder and saves you trying to take several different tablets to get those ‘hard to eat’ nutrients!

You can buy a pot of 60 from Real Foods for £16.

Thanks for reading! Stay Healthy!

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