Aromatherapy… Get Energised with Oils

I’m a huge fan of essential oils and aromatherapy. If I’m feeling a little stressed, tired or slightly out of sorts, I’d much rather use the power of scent than resort to any kind of tablet/medication or chemical.

MyPure recently sent me this beautiful blend of oils from Acorelle, designed to be energising, and stimulate both the mind and body.


The combination of oils in this blend is absolutely fantastic. With South African Green Mint to calm the nerves, Eucalyptus to energise, and Sicilian Lemon to stimulate and invigorate. The lovely scents of lime, douglas pine and black spruce also bring a vitality to the mix.

One of my favourite ways to use this blend are to pop a few drops into a diffuser and let the soothing, vibrant smells fill the room. A few deep breaths and you’ll be feeling revived in no time. It’s an amazing smell – the mint really stands out, and creates a really clean and pure feel to the air. It’s very strong and you’ll only need a few drops in a diffuser – completely uplifting. Just wonderful. It would be a wonderful oil to spread around when you’re expecting guests, or when you’ve just cleaned your home.

Another alternative use is to make your own pulse point blend. You can add half a dozen drops to a small glass aromatherapy bottle – the remainder of which can be filled with your carrier oil of choice – and simply apply to your pulse points, such as your wrists or behind your ears, as and when you require a lift.

I absolutely love the fact that rather than just combine several energy boosting oils, Acorelle have included the Green Mint and Lime to restore and calm at the same time. This will give you something that caffeine never will!

Usually £12 for a bottle, MyPure currently have the Acorelle range of oils at an amazing £6. With 50% off I’ll certainly be topping up my stores, and I highly recommend anyone to do the same! You are getting the power of 6 wonderful oils in one blend.

I really hope you like it! If you have any questions about essential oils or aromatherapy, do feel free to ask in the comments!

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day!

I received this product free of charge from MyPure for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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