Nomads – Fashionable & Fair

Nomads are one of my ‘go to’ brands for ethical and affordable fashion.  As well as making beautiful, flattering clothes, they have a wonderful social and environmental conscience.


Established in 1989, the wonderful designs of Nomads were inspired from a love of Indian crafts. Traditional methods of embroidery and tie-dye are still used and this helps to keep these valuable skills alive.


And here I am modelling my favourite summer wardrobe item, these gorgeous cotton culottes – alongside a Cylon of course! They are so soft, comfortable and provide an effortless outfit. They are quite long and I found them perfect for those days when you just can’t tell what the weather is going to do – which we’ve had a lot of this summer! They are also so much cooler for me on really hot days, as I always find I’m more comfortable in a skirt if I wear at least a short pair of leggings – these solve that issue completely and are much more airy! At the moment they are on sale for just £31.50.


For me, the most important thing about shopping with Nomads is that they believe in trading fairly, and this means that factories must all meet the fair trade policy. Employees are working by choice, the working conditions are safe and no child labour is used. Conditions we take for granted here in Europe, such as fair wages, regular holidays and equal rights are all provided to those making Nomad’s clothing. Too often our clothes are made in sweatshops with poor conditions.

You know you are not contributing to someone else’s unhappiness when you buy your clothes from Nomads.

All too often there’s a trade off between the well-being of others and environmental impact. In many cases, when shopping on the high street, you’ll find that neither have been taken into consideration. With Nomads, you can be sure they have thought of both.

Nomads offer a wide range of organic cotton, which is sustainable and has a low impact on the environment. The soil self replenishes and no harsh chemicals are needed – which are usually pumped into the environment at alarming rates from many clothing factories.

As well as the lovely sale prices, you can get yourself a fantastic 20% off full price items, using the code BLOG20.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy shopping at Nomads as much as I do!

Have a wonderful day!

I was sent this product free of charge for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

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