Random Causes… The Green Frog Jumps High!

As you may know, I’ve been following the Rainforest Alliance and their little green frog for a while now. Such a wonderful certification, which does wonders for the sustainable farming of so many products which we take for granted, such as tea, coffee, cocoa and bananas. It also makes the the lives of those who grow and farm these products so much better and ensures a high standard of work and living conditions.

Rainforest in Madagascar – where Vanilla Farms are certified.

In 2014, there were many amazing milestones reached by the Rainforest Alliance: the one millionth farm was certified, 15 million tonnes of greenhouse gases were kept out of our atmosphere (that’s equivalent to taking 4.4 millions cars off the road), and millions of families and communities benefited from the work of the alliance.

28,000 households have benefited in 2014 from sustainable tourism work across Latin America, and nearly 10,000 students have been empowered with the knowledge required to promote environmental conservation in local communities.

Cocoa Farmer with Young Plant

Rainforest Alliance farms currently account for production of 13.6% of the world’s cocoa, 15.1% of the world’s tea and 5.4% of the world’s coffee. There are new companies joining the Rainforest Alliance certification programme, and it’s now easier than ever to spot the little green frog!

Rainforest Alliance Certified Banana


These wonderful results go to show that what you purchase in stores really does make a difference. So please, continue to purchase ethically and with awareness, it’s changing the world!

Thank you for reading!

Have a wonderful week ahead.

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