Fresh & Clean Hands, Naturally!

Do you get dry hands on a regular basis? Flaky skin? Red, sore patches? It might not be just the water and the central heating in your home. It could be the harsh chemicals in your hand wash.

Liquid hand soaps are really popular, because they are much easier to use, and don’t hold on to bacteria like bars of soap can do. There are two chemicals in hand soaps which can cause irritation, however. These are sodium lauryl sulphate and triclosan.

I’ve talked about Sodium Lauryl Sulphate in previous posts – it’s the stuff that makes things foamy. It’s also greasy and makes products go further, and it’s cheap, so it’s in almost everything! Unfortunately, it damages the outer layer of the skin and can cause irritation.

Triclosan is added to anti-bacterial products, and is therefore in lots of handwashes. Not only does this product irritate our skin, but it actually removes the kinds of bacteria we need to remain healthy, and regular soap will keep us clean and stop the spread of bacteria well enough.

Products containing triclosan have actually been found to lead to the growth of resistant bacteria, and hospitals are finding it ever harder to kill germs with even the highest powered cleaning products. Worrying. Triclosan is washed down the sink in vast quantities when used in hand wash, and is toxic to certain types of algae. It can lead to the build up of dioxins, and the resulting environmental impact has led the Swedish Nature Conservation Body to recommend a national ban on products containing triclosan.

Although this ban has not been introduced here in the UK, the good news is, there are some wonderful and natural hand soaps on the market, which do not contain the likes of SLS and triclosan. MyPure were kind enough to send me a bottle of A’kin’s Lemon Myrtle Hand Wash to try out.

Hand Soap

Lemon Myrtle Oil is known for it’s natural anti-bacterial properties, without the harsh effects. Organic, vegan and cruelty free, this is a really lovely and soothing hand wash.

I love the scent that comes up when I wash my hands, and it still produces a lovely (yet slightly less intense) lather. The scent doesn’t linger on your hands like some highly fraganced soaps out there (especially the horrible pink ones in shopping centre toilets) and it certainly doesn’t dry out your skin.

Think of your skin. Think of the environment.

Thanks for reading. Have a wonderful day.


This product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes by MyPure. All opinions are my own.

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